Baptism of the Lord Cycle C 2022 (’00)

Sunday 9 January 2022 (’00): THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD: C

1.1S40:1-5, 9-11 (What about ‘YahwehBreath’ & ‘GrassPeople’?)

  • Read 40:1-31! The beginnings of an agonised&complex exploration of the always-ambivalent ‘Yahweh-of-Sinai’! during the traumatic Exile-in-Babylon!
  • Who are TheConsolers in my local church? Who are the inevitably-consoled?
  • Who are The-Not-Being-Consoled? but whose need is all the deeper!
  • To what extent are people being given mere ‘consolation prizes’?
  • What if the genuinest consolation is the dynamic ‘Arrival-of-Yahweh’!
  • In what significant way is ‘Yahweh’sConsolation’ different from that of TheOtherGods (including HermesZeusAphroditeArtemis)? But also that of ‘God’!

2 THE PSALM 103:1-2, 3-4, 24-25

  • Read 103(104) 1-35! ‘Yahweh’, eco-cosmological divinity! But is this Him, really?
  • How do I understand the use of exaggeration&flattery in this Yahweh-extract?
  • Can I imagine ‘Yahweh’ as a sheikh, in cloth-of-gold, lolling in HisTent?
  • Why is Yahweh often imagined as a ‘StormGod’? (Say, EXOD19:16-25; PS28(29)!)
  • Doesn’t the rhetoric hide the true Weakness&Priority of Yahweh, ‘TheHungry’?

3 TIT2 11-14;3·4-7

  • Read 1:1- 3:15! But will such hortational, somewhat-selfhrighteous, tending-to-belittle-others, using-nudge-nudge, language really achieve ‘change-of-behaviour’?
  • What are my 20PrincipalOptionsHobbiesRelationships that do not ‘LeadToGod’?
  • &Did Jesus at TheJordan renounce all that didn’t ‘LeadToGod’ (including ‘Fear’)?
  • Can I name 5AdultChristians with ‘NoAmbition except ToDoGood’?
  • In 15word , what is my Understanding&Experience of ‘DoingGood’?

4. LK3 15-16, 21-22 (What of TheWinnower&Chaff&Fire?)

  • Read 3·l – 4:15! The richly-narrative ramifications of Jesus’RitualDeath-in-Jordan!  recapitulating the arduousDestiny of Yahweh’sReluctantPeople!
  • ‘TheChrist!’. By what ‘signs’ would I recognise ‘TheMessiah’ in my local church?
  • Especially the portentous&frightening ‘Someone’ delineated by TheBaptist!
  • Why do Catholics assume that a ‘ReturningChrist’ would be ‘on our side’?
  • In what terms did a ‘HeavenlyVoice’ address me, after or since my ‘baptism’?
  • What are the7Ways in which ‘TheHolyBreath’ physically-manifests in my world?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Gertie! A’m still wonderin’ about that man!’ ‘God, Cissie, is it   y’ know who.. ‘ ‘He keep comin’ back inta th’ readin’s’ Y’d think it was him bein’ born-again.’ ‘Oh, that fella  goin’ round th’  doors prayin’, wit’ ‘is oul’ leaflets!’ ‘…instead of OurDivineLord” ‘Oh ..’ ‘Listenin’ above this morin’, chicken-chest was up on th’ altar, one rale squawker if y’ ask me ‘ ‘True ‘s God, Cissie! I’d t’ tell my fella t’ keep ‘is eyes til himself! “She’s nothin’ ‘d intrestya'” But he’s such a little ..’ ‘Gertie! Y’ shoulda heard all the talk about fire, &some twist-me-corset about SomeoneComin’ .’ ‘Aw, a’m well usedta that sorta chat, duck’s water is all it’s.. ‘ ‘I just said t’ meself, “John The Baptist, a’m supprised atcha!”, this talk ‘a fire an’ stuff.. ‘ ‘Puttin’ th’ fools further!’ ‘Haven’t we enuff a’ threats an’ fire this time a’ year, God bless th’   mark’ without yon.,’ ‘God knows y’re right, Cisssie’ I always thought he was just too innocent-lookin’ in ‘is sheep-fleece…!  ‘Yeah, too sweet t’ be wholesome!!’ ‘Yeah ..’

6. RIDDLE    ThroughBaptism, was I initiated into Eden Egypt Sinai Sion Gethsemane Golgotha Rome or my local church?

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