30th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 23rd October 2022 (’01): 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time. C

  1. SIR/ECCLUS 35:15-17, 20-22
  • Read 35:1-26 ‘Special pleading for TheTempleSystem of ‘offerings’? Or ‘Wishful Thinking’ that must be strenuously called-in-question by our experience of ‘Yahweh’
  • But what if ‘YahwehHimself is ‘The Poor’, rather than this grandiose construct of ‘impartial justice’, that may only represent ‘temple interests’?
  • But who will be imaginative enuff to rescue ‘Yahweh’ from theological entrapments?
  • Where are ‘temple interests’ resolutely incarnated in TheChristianChurches?
  • No respecter’: But read carefully Gen3:14-19 (The Woman); NUM 12:1-16 (Miriam)’

2. THE PSALM. 33:2-3, 17-19,23

  • READ 33(34)1-22(23) A strongly-structure programmatic&catechetical formulation!
  • But is a pious&hopefully-fruitfull ‘reading’ if TheTotalBible compatible with the sort of alert ironic listening that questions ‘vested interests’ & ‘current relevance’
  • In this neat and tidy excerpt, where is my local church mirrored? or threatened?
  • The Lord” In which church-ministries is this ‘icon’ especially embodied&tangible?
  • In what ways is this emblematic psalm ‘being tried-out’ in Northern Ireland?
  • Will men&women, ‘Catholic’&’Protestant’, rich&poor, hear it differently?

3. 2Tim4:6-8, 16-18

  • Why is the first (though not the second) half of this excerpt regularly quoted?
  • Can I name 10 disciples in my local church whom this excerpt would mirror?
  • Libation’: In honour of which divinity is this writer’s ‘life being poured out’?
  • Where in my world is part of a ‘drink’ poured-out ‘in honour’?
  • That day’ HisAppearing!’ The writer’s Death?An imminentReturn? TheLastDay?
  • TheLordStoodByMe!’: What 10Resources are available to me as ‘AdultDisciple’!
  • Have I the visceral hotness&steadiness, myself&others, to seize ‘ThePower’?

Not ‘pagans’, forsooth, but is ‘TheWholeMessage welcome to ‘Christians’ themselves!

4. Luke 18:9-14

  • Can I express in 35words the essence of Pharisaism, &its contemporary relevance?
  • What is the equivalent of ‘Pharisee’ & ‘Tax Collector? in my local church?
  • How has this story been ‘interpreted’&’applied for me, as I struggled into adulthood?
  • AtrightswithGod!’: how can we be sure, merely by eavesdropping on someone?
  • Which man is more ‘sympathetically’ outlined? &Why is this?
  • Humbled/Exalted!’: Why is this ‘value’ inculcated? In what way is it heeded now?
  • What of the claim that Irish Catholics’ are exceedingly xenophobic&homophobic?

5. The Presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this

I’m rather surprised that you have the temerity to put you foot inside TheHolyPlace at all’ never mind ‘Yes I saw you there too! but then you’re accustomed to praying out like that.’ ‘But not really happy about it’ I heard the prophet from TheNorth recently, speaking harshly about Pharisess! their public shows of piety….’ One of my colleagues told me about it! I’m not sure I like his attitudes to authority, &speaking out against ‘ ‘But praying there just now, falling into the usuall self-importance, I was actually sneering at you, how words re-echoed like a pang inside me, I thought i’d faint, I barely….’ ‘Don’t be like that! pray, be self-important as suits you’ as behoves you’ &let that prophet be quiet!’ ‘But your own prayer was so edifying!’ ‘Not at all! it suited the moment’ Remember! always seize the moment to fit your own needs! no one else’s…..’!’


Virtue’ SustainTheTemplel? Become Yahweh?

BeHumble? NeverBePutDown?

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