31st Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 30th October 2022 (’01) 31st SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME C

1. WISDOM 11:22 – 12:2

  • Read 10:1 – 12:2! Wisdom’s&Yahweh’s ‘salvational accompaniments
  • To what extent does this excerpt mirror my own view of TheWorld?
  • How is writer (‘Solomon’) able to speak like this about&to ‘Yahweh’?
  • Can I glimpse here some roots of what later became ‘Christian Apologetics’?
  • How different is this integrated ‘Wisdom ‘Yahweh from the moody ‘prophetic Yahweh’?
  • The ‘persona’ Yahweh is here endowed with, where is it available in my Church?

2. THE PSALM : 144.1-2, 8-11, 13-14

(Why the considerable omissions?)

  • Read 144 (145) 1-21! Favourable&largely-unnuanced portrait of ‘Lord Yahweh’!
  • Given the excerpts in this Eucharist, why so much Fear&Guilt in ‘religion’’?
  • Name!’: How wondrous the power to be restrained&compassionate&friendly!
  • Yahweh’: Again, it must be asked, Which Yahweh and where in the Bible?’!
  • Would this psalm, as distinct from belligerent narratives, support ‘peace’?
  • But, is any People-of-the-Bible’ utterly free from paranoia &chauvinism?
  • Which is preferable? A devotional, or a critical approach to this excerpt?

3. 2THESS 1:11-2:2

  • Read 1:1 – 3:18! In the context of an imminent ‘Day-of-The-Lord’, &of persecution by The LawlessOne’, Paul encourages this ‘church’ to keep faith!
  • How is this ‘reassuring’ letter relevant to our contemporary experience?
  • Day-of-the-Lord!’ Based in OT imagining of ‘Yahweh’sVictory-as-WarGod’!
  • What of the re-iterated claims that ‘Christianity is foundering in Resurgent Paganism’?
  • PredictionRumourLetter!’ Is anyone reading ‘TheSignsofTheTimes?
  • FaithGloryGrace!’: Is this biblical language rubbed-away-&clichéd from over-use?

4. Lk19:1-10

  • What interpretations have I received for this over-familiar story?
  • Jesus!’. Surely a reminder of Joshua/Jesus! Read JOSH 6:1-27 (with shame).
  • Tax collector’s-Curiosity-about-Jesus. What’s the equivalent in my local church?
  • Sycamore!’: Reminder of Amos another disturber! (Read AMOS 7:1-17).
  • The interaction between Jesus, Zacchaeus, &TheBystanders’. Familiar surely!
  • Zacchaeus’ undertaking to TheLord! What precipitated such drastic change?
  • If Zacchaeus was a recidivist Jew, is this a broad hint to ‘wealthy disciples’

5. The presence&action of the Blessed One, is it like this?

God’s-truth, Gertie, it was serious above this morning..’ ‘Oh, Cissie, not another letter from Pope Jonpaul? About y’know what?’ ‘No way, Gertie! A’ve come t’terms with that crack long since! No, this was, let’s say, nearer td th’juggler!’ ‘Y’ mean’’ I mean, y’r man readin’ th’ gospel wasn’t’ th’ usual shovellin’ out th’ silage til th’ duffers!’ ‘Oh’ ‘Some fella in th’ revenue commissioners, I gather…..’’ ‘Aw shush! my fella….’ ‘called Sick-Ace, ’s far as I could…’ ‘Sounds a weirdo t’ me!’ ‘Well, I have t’hand it t’ him’ Y’r man read it very very good, more nor usual! I could really f’r once see in me mind the whole scene’ Th’ wee codger up th’ tree, scootin’ down, stannin’ there, takin it on the chin..’. ‘Fightin’, were they? An’ them supposed t’be in the presence of OurDivineLord?’ ‘But listen, Gertie! Y’r man readin’ it, like who’s that recites ‘is pomes at night! In th’ middle, there was a catch in ‘is voice, an’ he couldn’t finish it!’ ‘Begod Cissie, whatdja do!’ ‘Nothin! I jus’ said t’ myself, “Good on ya, son! Y’re real f’r once!’’’ …’

6. RIDDLE Which God? One who maintains friendship no matter what?

One who unflinchingly exacts the last euro?

One who changes tack with each new papacy?

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