33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 14 November 2021 (’00)2000: 33rdSUNinORDINARY: B

1. DAN12:1-3

  • ‘ThatTime!’: The mindset called ‘apocalyptic’ (which claimed to ‘unveil’ the hidden DivineStrategy in Persecution), ‘ThatTime’ was the complex set of circumstances through which TheFaithful are vindicated, &TheOthers punished or destroyed!
  • ‘TheAwakening!’. This archetypal assertion of indomitabibty in face of oppression &even destruction· How can I integrate it with modern physics&ecology?
  • Why are ‘wise teachers’ singled out for a ‘stellar destiny’?

2. THE PSALM: 15:5, 8-11

  • Read 15(16).1-11! The confidence-song of one totally-devoted-to-Yahweh!
  • What makes ‘Yahweh’ more ‘trustworthy’ than any of ‘TheOtherGods’?
  • Which of TheOtherGods am I familiar with? even intimate with?
  • ‘TheOtherGods!’: What alternative ways have these found, to present-themselves?
  • Dionysus won’t complain about anonymity, long as there’s ‘Addiction-to-Excess’!
  • Nor Aphrodite, granted that sexual passion is recklessly sought&suffered!
  • Nor Hermes, provided versatility&cuninng&deceit-ruleOK!
  • Nor Hades, with so many trappt m ‘NetsOfUnderworld’!

3. HEBl0:11-14, 18    ,

  • Read 10 1-39′ Why am I no longer amazed&affronted by these sentiments&claims?
  • In my world, who’d I describe as ‘Christ’sEnemies’? Is there any risk that people or thoughts or doings that are purely&simply my ‘Enemies’ will thereby become ‘His’?
  • Read the omitted vl7′ Have ‘all sins been forgiven’?

4. MK13:24-32

  • Read 13 1-37! Carefully! especially those familiar sayings!

What ‘set of circumstances’ does this collection of sayings refer to?

How much of it is ‘relevant’ asit stands, to my local church?

What has been ‘ quietly-droppt’ , what has been ‘re-applied’?

Nowadays, in what sense is  my local church ‘awake’?          ,

To what extent are the skills of ‘christian alertness’ feared or despised?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, IS it like this?

‘Gran!’ ‘Yes, Effie?’ ‘Sam wanted t’ put me out wi’ th’ chickies, ‘cos I was hearin’ her an Mam at their oul’ talk! but Boysie said in his hardsoft, “She’s cuter nor th’ pair o’ yez rolled into one!” Then Sam shouted in her tractor-voice, “You with yer sheep’s­ snot bleatin’ at me! if th’ las’ day was yesterday y’ still wouldn’t know, y’ drake’s twiddle'” Then Boysie started t’ choke… ‘ ‘Oh my goodness, Effie” ‘…an’  guggled  at  Sam, “Y’ better look t’ yerself on th’ las’ day, y’ bucket a’ slop!” Gran! th’ las’ day?’ ‘Yes, a mhilis! but I’m so shocked… ‘ ‘Gran” ‘So, my dear! when all the days are finished, on the last one Jesus comes on a cloud.. .’ Effie clappt her wee hands, ‘Like Sinbad…’ ‘An’ all the people ‘ll be there, an’ He’ll speak to each one..,’ ‘ …Sam an’ Boysie an’ Mam.. ‘ ‘”Come with me an’ be happy!.. . ‘” ‘But Gran, if that’s th’ las’ day, when will they be all happy?’ ‘Effie, I imagine Jesus bas lotsa surprises up His sleeve. . ‘ ‘ .. like chickie-fingers an’ snackies an’ juicies?’ ‘I dare say…’ ‘Oh great great great!!’

6. RIDDLE    What is more necessary? Vengeance,

Reconciliation Forgiveness Amnesia?

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