33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 13thNovember 2022 (’01) 33rdSunday in Ordinary Time Year C

  1. MAL 3:19-20
  • Read 3:1-4-6! A polemical Yahweh-word, peevish&tender&recriminatory!
  • What is fruit-for-now of ironic alertness to this & similar ancient oracles?
  • Or are the HebrewYahwisticProphets merely obsessive paranoiacs?
  • TheArrogant & TheEvilDoers!’ : Granted it’s never one’s own crowd!
  • Probably it’s you-know-who in Northern Ireland or Palestine or that housing estate!
  • What-really is ‘ Yahweh’ that it expresses itself in such sectarian fashion?
  • What 3Factors will reorientate society’s slither- into- nihilistic-chaos?
  1. THE PSALM : 97:5-9
  • Read 97(98): 1-9! A ShoutSong for TheReturn-of-theConqueringHero! &
  • Is it purely ‘pathetic fallacy,’ or does ‘Yahweh’sReturn’ constitute a palpable change?
  • Not to ignore the omitted references to’ HisHand&Arm&Victory!’ Say-it, ‘War!’
  • But has ‘ Yahweh’ even got to ‘rule-the-world’ never mind ‘justice?’
  • Unless ‘Yahweh’ is over-hastily equated with ‘colonialist Christainity!’
  • Why am I still clinging to the fantasy of ‘Yahweh’ or(‘ God’ or ‘Jesus’) as ‘King!’
  • & perhaps theMusic &EarthApplause is actually another divinity

3. 2THESS: 7-12

  • To whom have I serendipity to offer myself as ‘role-model?
  • What are the 10 ‘Acceptable’RoleModels’ in my local church? Who are boo-boo?
  • Which ‘ChristianMinistries’ are not, in some respects, ‘free-loading?’
  • In the absence of a properly- negotiated ‘Aim’ for the local church, how will it be feasible to determine what is’ Imitation’ & ‘Idle’&’ Example’ & ‘Work’ & ‘Food?’
  • Currently, what are The10Rules-of-Engagement in my local church?
  • From this excerpt, what’ UtterPriorityForTheLocalChurch’ can I derive?
  1. LK21: 5-19
  • RestorativeJusticeWeek!’ : Formerly Prisoner’s Week! Which-justice?
  • Which- prisoners?
  • The-Temple!’ But which-religion’s ‘fine stonework & votive offerings?’ One’s-own?
  • Has anyone ever truly-read ‘The-Signs-of –the-Times,’ & been subsequently heeded?
  • TakeCare!’ How would I know that someone was deceitfully speaking-for-Him?
  • WarFaminePersecutionBetrayalHatred!’ : This must be about TheEarlyChurch! Or
  • Some other crowd, like TheBuddhists! Sure, won’t ourChurch last-forever!’
  • In what 15Ways are IrishDisciples being Persecuted&Betrayed&Deceived?
  • NotAHair!’ : What signs, that ‘ AdultDiscipleship’ is being nourished&deepened?

5. The presence & action of TheBlessedOne is it like this?

Friend! I must say you appear to be more preoccupied than usual!’

Sir, I greatly value your sensitive words! & The opportunity to speak…’

As always, Friend, speak your-mind, friend-to-friend!’

This, Sir, is my question! As chaos re-asserts, &our all-to-flimsy discipline, &our all-too-ramshackle-for-now structures have already buckled, where are you, Sir, in the truculent disorder?’

Friend, I am always here, &always there! &always stationed-in friendship with you.’

Only with me?’

&whoever struggles to root their totality in deepest-friendship! With-me, all-other, the-earth!’

Sir! You enthuse & yet you disturb me! What of the ancient&traditional&canonical&institutional voices that beg to speak for you?’

Friend! You know from our fruitful struggles together how it is between us! &How it must be with the flimsy structures & faltering advocates! What-more?’

6. Riddle Justice-for-whom? Prisoners Mothers Children Teachers

Animals Immigrants Disciples Poor Aged?