32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (01)

Sunday 6thNovember 2022 (’01) 32nd. Sunday in Ordinary Time C

  1. 2Macc7 1-2, 9-14 (Such a reading of that inspiring story!)
  • Read 6 1-7:42! Suffering of Jews for fidelity to their AncestralObservance!
  • In 35 words, what is TheLaw or Creed that I would unconditionally uphold?
  • How do I understand the credal-phrase ‘Resurrection –of-the Body?
  • In what ways is my local church enduring persecution for ‘true faith?
  • How are mothers being deepened in their role of nourishing ‘true faith?
  1. THE PSALM : 16 1, 5-6, 8, 15 (Wa-wa! Another officious prashock!)
  • Read 16(17) 1-15! How to discern&name&withstand one’s persecutors?
  • Deceit!’ Shouting one-priority in prayer, & quite-another in behaviour.
  • What&who is helping me in the struggle to align easy rhetoric & hard action?
  • Will I parallel pleas-to-Yahweh with strenuous endeavours of my own?
  • Name 20 Personal&ImpersonalFactors I weakly allow to trample my freedom?
  • Can I trust Yahweh (or anyone) to guard&hide me, while I go all limp?
  • What’s my best ritual&discipline&resource&role-model for my-becoming-adult?
  1. 2THESS 2 16-3:5
  • Nowadays, who is at-home to the language&circumstances of 2THESS?

Will the Lord’sMessage be rather low on the list of priorities?

Will it spread quickly, be received with honour, & uninterfered with?

Will ‘TheEvilOne’ be properly identified, not merely sensationalised?

Will those who ‘exhort’ adultChristians also provide dynamic resource?

Will the decrepit state of ‘traditional Christianity’ be acknowledged?

  1. LK20 27-38
  • In 25 words, my understanding of ‘resurrection’ as used in this excerpt?
  • LevirateMarriage!’ A brother had to marry his deceased brother’s widow, if the brother died without fathering a son! (Read DT25:5-10, Gen38!)
  • Is TheSadducees’ problem with ‘leviratemarriage’ or with ‘resurrection?’
  • Are there any analogous controversies in my local church? (SshhSShh!)
  • How coherent or convincing is the tissue of ‘arguments’ given by Jesus?
  1. The Presence &action of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

Confidential memorandum to TheMostExcellentHighPriest Caiaphas!

Dispatched by trusted messenger from BarShemaya’, Stalker of TheNazarene!

Greetings! May Heaven’sBlessings adorn YourExcellency!

Your Excellency! It is with very strong sentiments of outrage that I write this secret

memo! The contumacious deportment of TheNazarene is now exceeding all bounds of decency&moderation! Not content with fomenting disaffection against TheHolyTraditions, now, without any training or familial, he is taking on himself the twin offices of teaching-the-truth & interpreting-the inestimable-scriptures! Excellency, I invoke TheWrath-of Moses-the Meek, peace-be-upon-Him, to destroy the upstart Northerner! Only this afternoon, in response to a lightweight&fatuous

test-case proposed by one of TheSadducees (him from Abu Ghosh! Let me not write further, but speak later in person!) concerning the serious question of TheResurrection! What occurred? The Nazarene’s words tumbled forth as plentiful & as valueless as sea froth! But posturing as if he were an ordained teacher! Excellency, let us prepare to purge TheHolyLand of this filth! Fare you well!!

  1. RIDDLE: Resurrection! A statement of hope in the midst of persecution&death?

A mythical rendering of ‘The-Return-of-Spring?’

A joyful realisation of the synergy of ‘Love’ & ‘Death?’

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