3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

23 Jan2022(2001) 3rd SUN in ORDINARY: C


  • Read 8:1-12! Ceremonial public listening to TheLaw! including a ministry of hermeneutic! leading into a celebration of The-Festival-of-Sukkoth!
  • Does any such sustained reading of TheBible occur in my local church?
  • Is there a danger that the current pick ‘n’ mix approach is undermining TheBible?
  • As well as the pretence that large tracts of it are ‘covered’ in ‘TheLiturgy’!
  • Do we need a ritual of ‘Sustained-Reading-of-Total-BibleBooks’?
  • Not least to counter the practically-overwhelming impact of TV&TheMassMedia!
  • What about the strong link in this extract, ‘The sharing of “food” with TheNeedy’?

2. THE PSALM 18:8-10,15

  • Read 18(19):1-14! TheSpeaking-of-CelestialTime&Space! &TheAthleteTheSun!                  with a Song-of-Yahweh’sLaw itsRightnessClarityTruth! & Prayer-of-Fulfilment!
  • What if the real Law-of-Yahweh is Earth’s billions of PoorHungryIgnorantLost?
  • Is the rhetoric of ‘justice’ only a figleaf for the Churchs’Negligence in this matter?
  • Sure, Yahweh’sWords are ‘breath’, but Breath-for-what’ Humns? Homilies?
  • Why are sentimental ‘YahwehSongs’ so popular both in Liturgy&pararliturgy?

3. 1Cor12:12-30

  • How convincing&thorough&accurate is his account of ‘the human body’?
  • How does it resonate, say, with evolutionary biology&anatomy?
  • Has he male or female in mind? &What about the many ‘inner organs’?
  • ‘Tongues’? What about crucial ‘gifts’ like ChristianMother, Healer-of-AllConflict, SpeakerOfTheSigns-of-TheTimes, Flailer-of-TheOtherGods, Critic-of-TheTemple…
  • so, what is a modern local church needs to declare a whole new range of ‘gifts’?

4. LK1:1-4; 4:14-21

  • Read 4:1-44! TheUnfolding-in-Power of HisBaptismal-HolyBreath!
  • Why is the important 4:16-30 split between two SundayEucharists?
  • ‘TheBreath-of-Yahweh!’. This ‘anointment’ is more subversive than Hymnsinging!
  • Read 61:1-11! Listen carefully to the faith-expectation of a true-yahwist!
  • How harmless, or how dangerous, would such a one be, in one’s ownCommunity?
  • Did Jesus intend to incite the violent reaction that ensued?
  • Insofar as he delivered a ‘homily’, what if all ‘homilies’ were as provocative?

5. The presence&action of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

‘TheMan-from-Nazareth…’  ThePractisingSceptic’s tone was appropriately irenic!

‘I’m always puzzled at the vehemence of the reaction He seemed to provoke in His religious contemporaries.’ ‘Quite simple really…’. TheOfficialBeliever felt this was home-ground, &that the points could be easily chalked-up! ‘All part of the DivineSalvificForeknowledge & UngainsayableDispensation!’  ‘You’re saying those enraged worshippers in the NazarethSynagogue were mere pawns in some divine &ecclesial arr…’ ‘How dare you presume to…’ ‘I’ll tell you! Jesus claimed to be anointed by Yahweh’sBreath….’  ‘So He was, as TheWordIncarn….’ &Wouldn’t you think they’d welcome&embrace such a Messiah…? ‘Their unChristian minds were darkened! God blinded&deafened them, so that…’ ‘With your own unJewish mind, are you serious…? ‘Look, I sp;eak with&from Authority, ThePillar&Ground-of-Truth! You merely prattle rationalisms! Need anything further be said by either of us?’

RIDDLE  TheHolyBreath! Which? TalkAbout, Suppress, Dissapate, Cultivate?

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