2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

 16th Jan2022(2001) 2nd SUNinORDINARY C

1. IS62:1-5

  • Read 62:1-12! ReNaming&ReAssurance&ReEspousal by Yahweh, of City&People!
  • ‘Integrity!’ Total reconciliation of ThePeople with Yahweh’sPriority, concomitantly His’Victory’Over’&TheirRejectionOf TheOtherGods’Priorities! wow!
  • Again, it must be seriously asked whether ‘Yahweh’sPriority’ (The commitment of all resource to the freeing of the poor&ignorant!) isn’t essentially a non-starter!
  • Since TheChristianChurches as a whole seem to have other fish to fry.
  • Great new names! ‘MyDelight’, ‘TheWedded’! But can Yahweh sustain it?
  • Why is Yahweh so impotent in regard to having His ‘Priority’ adopted&embodied?

2. THE PSALM 95:1-3,7-10

  • Read 95(96): 1-13! A flattery-chant for Yahweh, by all except TheUnderworld!
  • ‘Name!’ What ‘Power-of-Yahweh’ is evident in my world? &What is not?
  • If TheWretched of this Earth received their ‘fair’ share, how’d that affect me?
  • What ‘new’ song can be sung to Yahweh, that won’t cost us dearly?

3. 1Cor12:4-11

  • Read 12:1-14:40! He evaluates the Variety&nature&relativeImportance of TheCharismaticGifts in TheCorinthianChurch, attributed to TheHolyBreath!
  • What ‘spiritual gifts’ are acknowledged in my local church?
  • To what extent is TheHolyBreath’ excluded in practice from my local Church?
  • How might AdultChristians&HolyBreath&Magisterium collaborate?
  • To what extent is Paul disposed to admit ‘spiritual gifts’ in Women?
  • Why has the ‘gift’ of ‘speaking-in-tongues’ become so notorious, yet so ‘coveted’?
  • &What if it is more ambivalent than those ‘endowed-with-it’ will admit?
  • Why is Paul so anxious to assert, ‘All are work of one&same Spirit?’

4. Jn3:1-11

  • What interpretations have I been given for this ‘familiar’ story?
  • What is this story is an evocation of Dionysius stories of ‘ProvidingWine’?
  • Why is TheMother seemingly never ‘named’ in TheFourthGospel?
  • ‘TheHour!’: TheAcceptance by Jesus of TheBurden of being ThePassoverRam!
  • ‘Wine!’ ‘Blood-of-TheRam (EXOD12)! Fruit-of-TheVineyard (IS5)!
  • But what are ‘transformation stories’ very rare in TheJewishBible?

5. The Presence&Action of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

Yes, He was even darker that I! I always reckoned it was the weight of Heaven’s Breath, like an unperceived storm! From TheTemple, from Joseph’sParting, &especially from Jochanaan’sPlunging, I could see the outline, though not the extent, of TheBreath! Even before HeHimself did! Only gradually, only circumspectly, He opened Eyes&Lips&Arms! I remember, it was at a wedding festival, not far from home, a small village, Cana I think it was! I was there looking after the food, Himself&4 or 5 followers were invited by TheBride (whose mother was a followere! Though not-herself)! Well, the usual, the wine runs out! I mention it to Him, He darkens in my regard, I nod here&there! &listen! He opened Eyes&Lips&Arms! & Heaven spilled into the needy celebrations of the blessed Bride&Groom! I can’t pretend to know the blood&marrow of it, but from that day at Cana, TheBreath incresingly surged&smiled in Him, a manifesting Storm! Such gracious stratagems of Heaven!!

6.RIDDLE    Which? TheMother   TheEarth   TheCity   TheBreath  TheHour   ThePeople?

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