3rd Sunday of Advent Cycle B 2020 (’99)

  Sunday13 Dec 2020(’99)  3rd SundayofAdvent: B

1.IS61:1-2, 10-11

  • Read 61:1-11! Is there a chauvinistic double-think in this Yahweh Anthem? While ‘Yahweh’sOppressed’ are freed, ‘Strangers&Foreigners’ will be their servants?
  • ‘Breath-ofYahweh’ is ‘Anointing-of-Yahweh’ is a ‘Life-of-Struggle-for-Freedpm’!
  • ‘PoorBrokenheartedCaptivesPrisonersDebtors!’: What of these, in myCommunity?
  • The 5Components of ‘GoodNews’ for TheContemporaryPoor? &How do I know?
  • What about the retort, ‘But aren’t we all poor, even the rich, in the sight of Gos! So isn’t it really about an invitation to all mankind to join TheTrueChurch!’?

2. THE PSALM  LK1:46-50, 53-54

  • READ 1:5-80! Mirrored narratives of the origins of 2Servants-of-Yahweh!
  • Why do so many call Mary’sCanticle (vv46-55) a ‘revolutionary song’?
  • How could a biblical woman speak-so of ‘Yahweh’? (Read 1Sam2:1-10!)
  • Name 5women who are presently embodying these traits of Yahweh!
  • Again, will this ‘revolution’ ever occur, unless people embody ‘Power-of-Yahweh’?
  • &Again, isn’t Jesus a reminder of what happens to one who embodies ‘Exodus’!
  • But how could Mary be ‘Servant-of-Yahweh’, if not as a mother?

3. 1THESS.16-24

  • How much of this exhortation validly reflects the ‘ethos’ of myCommunity?
  • Is this mindset at all compatible with our stressed competitive trivialised world?
  • Read 4:’1-5:28′ Was Paul trying to calm down a local church that had become agitated&acedic due to erroneous assumptions about Christ’s imminentReturn?
  • What if my diocese is feeding itself on ‘erroneous imaginings’? Or would I know?

4. JN1:6-8,19-28

  • Read 1:1-51! Jn’s InitialKishwawn of Narrative&Image&Strategy&Dynamism!
  • Where else to ‘PlungeThePeople’, except in JordanFlood! (ReadJosh3-4)
  • In what ways is ‘TheIrrationalityOfYahweh’ represented also in John&Jesus?
  • Christ=AnointedByYahweh! Elijah=YahwehMyGod! ‘Prophet=MouthOfYahweh!’ Because only ‘Yahweh’ can plunge ThePeople into the truly dynamicFreedom!
  • Why is John imagined to be so dismissive about his importantConversionRitual?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Sir, a question! How did you know?’ ‘What! Is there no end to idle questions?’ ‘Sir, it is idle answers I seek to jettison’ so I am making my approach to you, rather than leaving myself in the clutches of chicken-brained praters!’ ‘Friend! Amen to your word about the prevailing fashion for idle answers! So, what is it?’ ‘Sir, how did you know Time&Place&Word&Touch&Gesture?’ ‘Friend, even as you yourself do! TheVoice directed my steps, moment-to-moment!’ ‘But Sir, I never hear TheVoice…’ ‘Friend, undoubtedly you do! but attend to one-who-knows! Habitually you drown TheVoice by boorish tumblings, you mistake TheVoice for something trivial&pathetic like dreams&hallucinations!’ ‘But how will I know, sir? &will it be safe?’  ‘Friend, when everything falls away then you hear, then you laff, then every danger breathes TheLover’sName!!’

6. RIDDLE Which aspect of Yahweh?

                                                     John! Plunger-intoCleansingWater?

                                                     Jesus! TheLeader-intoFreeingLight?

                                                     Paul!  TheSpeaker-intoEncouragingBreath?

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