3rd Sunday of Easter Cycle A 203 (’08)

Sunday 23rd April 2023 (’08) : 3rdSUNofEASTER A

1. AA2:14, 22-23!

TheOutpouring-of-TheHolyBreath is the most trustworthy Witness-to-TheResurrection

In what 5Ways is TheChristBreath tangibly-at-work in my local church?

2. PS151:1-2, 5, 7-11!

What is enabling me to Discern&Walk-on-ThePath-of-Life? Namely, TheChristPath…

3. 1PET1:17-21!

‘TheEnd-of-TheAges’! TheWorldShift of 2012? Or, EverTime-I-TrulyAwaken?

4. LK24:13-35!

Imagine, if He Walked&Talked-TheBiblicalWord-with-Me-on-All-my-Paths?

Imagine, if He SatSolid-with-Me-in-EverySharing-of-Food&Drink?


What do I HankerFor? HisPast or Present or Future UnHiding&UnVeiling?

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