4th Sunday of Easter Cycle C 2022 (’01)

                         Sunday 8th May 2022 (’01)     4th Sunday of Easter

1. AA13: 43-52

  • Read 13: 1-52! Paul and Barnabas set out on TheFirstMissionaryJourney
  • In 25 words, what’s the origin&nature&criterion of my own ‘vocation?’
  • How can someone be certain they are presenting ‘TheWordOfGod?’
  • How ‘actual&real,’ for me are ‘TheOtherGods’ & their ‘Callings’ of&to me?
  • Especially since my ‘CradleMonotheism’ maybe un-alert to them?
  • What distinguishes ‘Yahweh’sSalvation’ from, say, Baal’sSalvation?

2. The Psalm 99: 1-3, 5

  • Read 99(100):1-5!  CelebratoryEntry of Yahweh’sFlock into TheTemple?
  • What makes ‘Yahweh’ in particular, worthy of Praise&thanksgiving?
  • And why are Yahweh’s people imaged as ‘TheFlockOfSheepheOwns?’
  • ‘Merciful Love!’: The active mutuality that binds Yahweh&ThePeople in ‘covenant?’

3. APOC 7:9, 14-17

  • Read 7: 1-17! TheRituals of those ‘SealedWithTheName’ & ‘RobedInWhite!’
  • What relation between ‘TheCrowdFromIsrael’ & ‘TheCrowdFromAllNations?’
  • ‘Persecution!’ When followers of a ‘True’ are opposed to those of a ‘FalseGod?’
  • For Biblical people, what makes Yahweh a ‘True’ & Baal a ‘FalseGod?’
  • In this excerpt, what is the relation between ‘God’ & ‘TheLamb?’
  • ‘HungerThirstSunWindTears!’ : Where & who are these in my local church?
  • Who, in contemporary Ireland is articulating ‘Threatening&ConsolingVisions?’

4. JN 10: 27-30

  • Read 10: 1-30! Four messianic amphlifications of a biblical image!
  • ‘BelongListenKnowFollowGiveNotLostNotStolen!’: Shepherd&Sheep! In my own StruggleForMaturation, how are these moments perceived endured connected?
  • In this brief&familiar&apparently-innocent excerpt,
  • What can I glimpse of the early christological&ecclesial&trinitarian dogmas?
  • How is the modern world subverting the calm confidence of TheSpeaker?
  • Where is this programmatic challenge being unfolded in the local church?
  • Eternal life, sure! But is it ‘wishful thinking’ or a ‘shattering of slumber?’

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Gran!’ ‘Yes, darling?’ ‘Sam fell out with Boysie an’ called him a name!’ ‘Oh my poor Effie…!’

‘They were comin’ back to Mam’s in Boysie’s jeep! Outside, they stoppt cruckit, I was watchin,’ an’ Sam fell out the door in the flowerbeds! Boysie got out laffin’ to give her a help, but Sam shouted in her tractor voice, “y’ misst y’r focation, y’…, ”an’ she called him a name, “Y’ shoulda been a nundertaker, with y’r oul’ dead snot on ya!’ an’ wouldn’t let him in, an’ Mam bustin’ her sides !’ ‘Oh my goodness…, ‘Gran! Boysie misst his focation!’ ‘Righto, Effie! His focation! What’ll we say?’ ‘Is it like Mam says on the mobile, “One of those occasions!”,,,? ‘A special occasion, maybe…’ ‘…when Boysie shoulda been …’ ‘…shoulda known that he shoulda been…’ ‘…a nundertaker!’ Gran&Effie paused for breath, &laffed! ‘But, Gran, how’d he not know?’ ‘He misst…’ ‘…his focation! His focation…’ ‘…woulda…’ ‘…toldhim…’ “Boysie, go & be a nundertaker!”…’ ‘But, instead…’ ‘…he misst his focation! Great great!!

6. RIDDLE       Which will nourish an adult faith?

DogmaDevotion ControversyRitualRevivalismConscienceAttention?

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