5th Sunday of Easter Cycle C 2022 (’01)

                                        Sunday 15th May 2022 (’01)  5th Sunday of Easter                   

1. AA14:21-27

  • Read 14.1-28! Some basic patterns of early Christian narrative! Greatly enriched by the intriguing allusion to Zeus&Hermes, and the accompanying éclat!
  • ‘Prayer& fasting!’ Hints the place in rituals of ‘altered states of consciousness?’
  • What are the 12 PrincipalHardships I endure as an ‘adult Christian?’
  • Why is ‘Hardship’ deemed to be essential to ‘practical discipleship?’
  • But can the current passive minimalist devotion be called ‘discipleship?’
  • Elders! What criteria of AgeGenderExperienceHonestySkillCourageLaffter?
  • In 45 words, how would I encourage adults now, to be ‘truly-converted?’

2. THEPSALM: 144:8-13 (An ungenerous loyful)

  • Read 144 (145) 1-21!  Big flattering hopefull ‘YahwehShout!’
  • Since Yahweh is still a crucial, if misrepresented reality,
  • Will I gather the courage to distinguish ‘Yahweh’ from ‘God?’
  • How can I even begin to know an essentially  nomadic divinity?
  • What of the claim that ‘Yahweh’ is still imprisoned in TheTemple?
  • Am I yet safer with a ‘devotional Jesus’ than a ‘raging Yahweh?’

3. APOC 21:1-5

  • Read 21: 1-22.7!  How will this Jewish-apocalyptic imagery feel when slowed-up?
  • ‘God-with-us!’ More than ever, it must be strenuously asked, ‘Which-god?’
  • Cos TheOtherGods also are undertaking to ‘wipe away our tears’ & promising ‘surcease of death & sadness’! & they have the Media&InformationTechnology!
  • How can ‘AdultChristians’ continue to pretend&keep silent&kowtow?
  • ‘MakingNew!’ Are the paradigms of Copernicus&Nietzsche&Einstein part of this?

4. JN 13:31-35 (What? Such a paltry?)

  • Read 13: 1-38! What is the double-insistence of ‘Glorification’ and ‘Love?’
  • In 25 words my Understanding&Experience of ‘Glory?’
  • What are the 15Ways in which Jesus has ‘loved’ me?
  • In how many of these ways am I loving any&some-one else?
  • How are we ‘known’ as disciples? Mutual Love? Or BelongingToA ‘Church?’
  • (‘Cos one maintains, the other transcends&dissolves, boundaries!)

5. The presence&action of The BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Y’re in y’r suit, y’ musta been above this mornin’! any inspiration? ‘No, he was explainin’ somethin’ til us, but he lost me in th’ middle a’ th’ burra!’ ‘Wha’? th’ usual, goin’ over th’ readin’.. ‘Like turnin’ hay!’ ‘He mentioned glory, the man above said, God ‘d give ‘im glory…’

‘Like glory be t’ Th’ Father, in Th’ Rosary, I remember.’ ‘Glory’s a sorta bright light, he said! But very holy, not like th’ floods say, in Dalymount!’ ‘What’d the man above want all this light f’r?’  ‘T’ show th’ whole world how holy he is! Ornerry saints does on’y have a bittov it on their heads! Our Lady does have it comin’ out of HerHands!’ ‘HerHands?’ ‘An’ sometimes y’ see it when  someone gets married, a kinda glory!’ ‘Did he mention th’ oul Canon?’ ‘What d’ya think y’rself?’ ‘Well, he wasn’t inta any a’ that stuff! Turnin’ hay!’ ‘Remember him!’ ‘Socialists are people who love one another!!…’ ‘Aw God be good til ‘im! He was away ahead of ‘is time!!’

6. RIDDLE            How to be a disciple? Hardship, DivineFlattery, SpinThrRhetoric. Give&AcceptDifficultLove?

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