5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

                                                Sunday 6thFebruary 2022 (’01) 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time C

1. IS6: 1-8 (Tho’ what about ThePairsOf Wings?)

  • Read 6:1-13! TempleVision! Impurity! Word-of-Destruction! & Hope?
  • Familiar scenario? DivineService, AntiphonalChant, ArchitecturalVibrations, StrongThickStupifyingIncense! & a tremor perhaps, of collective guilt…
  • Are we being enabled to Recognise&Purge hypocritical elements in our religion?
  • ‘UncleanLips!’ What ways is one thing being ‘Professed,’ another being ‘Behaved?’
  • Currently, who are ‘Yahweh’sMessengersToTheIrish?’
  • What will be the cost of anything more than sentimental-dalliance-with-Yahweh?

2. THE PSALM  137: 1-5, 7-8

  • Is this just another setpiece of YahwisticDevotionalRhetoric?
  • What if this prayer was accompanied by Visualisations&BreathWork? So as to lead-to & produce the sort of ‘AngelicVision’ hinted-at in IS6:1-13!
  • What important ‘attributes’ of Yahweh can I discern in this song?
  • ‘DiscardNotTheWork!’ The risk of imagining a divinity as Potter or Weaver!

3. 1COR15. 1-11 (What’s the sense of a shorter form?)

  • Read 15. 1-58! How is ‘TheBody’ transformed by ‘Death?’ & How is ‘Death’ transformed by ‘Christ’ & ‘TheBody-of-Christ?’ But does Paul know all this?
  • In 20words, can I express ‘TheGoodNews,’ &how Christ revealed it to me?
  • Why does he seem to be exclusively interested in ‘TheDeath&Resurrection?’
  • The ‘ListOfApparitions!’ what would an analogous list be, for my local church, of significant individuals&groups, to whom, ‘ChristHasShownHimself?’
  • What care is there nowadays, for ‘TruthOfPreaching?’

4. LK5 1-11

  • Isaiah-in-TheTemple & Peter-among-TheFish! Similar intuition of Guilt!
  • What was it about TheHugeCatch that triggered Peter’s ‘Glimpse-of-Darkness?’
  • Read JON1. 1-3:11! Fish swallows Man, Man swallows Fish!
  • ‘Deep Water!’ What’s TheRisk? What’s TheCatch? What’s TheConsequence?
  • How does the image of ‘CatchingMen’ sit with current sensibilities?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Thursday afternoon, her legs tucked under her on the kitchen sofa, Gran fryin’ two herrins for their tea, the blue&green scent of fried herrins waftin’ into her, great! The only other sound, the chickies’-chat through the open window, something about the names they’d give their next crowd-a-chickies! But Effie herself found it strange, she’d no give-out to explore with Gran as usual. She let her bones go watery, & her face go loose, & crept her breath long&thin&snakey back over the week-end, Sam’s Saturday night shouts, Mam’s laugh when Sam talked about her auntie Babs , ‘Them’s bla-bla if  y’ask me!’ ‘Gran!’ ‘Yes, luveen?’ & moved the herrin-pan over on the thing! Fishers of men, Gran! Babs & Gracie’s fishers of men!’ ‘Was it Mam or…oh, yes! Well, what’ll we say? ‘Maybe they smell nice, like herrins?’

‘I’m not sure, Effie! But I think it means they like men!’ ‘Who, Babs & Gracie?’ ‘An men looks at them with fishy eyes!’ ‘Like the herrins lookin’ at me?’ ‘Sure!’ ‘But I’m not a fisher of men, am I?’ ‘You’re a fisher of herrins, Effie! Cos you really love them!’ ‘Yes, Gran! I’m a fisher of herrins an’ chickies an’Jesus an’ you! Jesus an’ you!  great, great, great!’

6. RIDDLE  Which is more powerful? Homilies&Exhortations&SpiritualReading? Or AdultInsight into the MoralRamifications of each new Personal or SocialScenario?

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