6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 13th February 2022 (’01) · 6thSUNinORDINARY : C

1. JER 17 5-8

  • Read 16 1 – 17·27! The strange shape-changingSymbiosis of Jeremiah’s own febrile experience & the continually-encroaching’Imperative-of-Yahweh”
  • Listening carefully, who can be sure where ‘Yahweh’ ends, &’Jeremiah’ begins!
  • ‘Curse&Blessing!’: How be critical, &yet empathic, in regard to this outburst!
  • Read PSl·l-6! The traditional ‘TwoWays’! Also JOB3·l-26! What-curse?
  • ‘Trustin-Yahweh!’·  Living to the full ‘TheStruggleToFreeTheOppressed’!

2. THE PSALM. 11-4, 6 (&What ofv5?)

  • TheGoodProsper, TheWickedPerish’ Is this my experience of TheWheelOfFortune?
  • Read Job21:1-34; 23 1-24·25! What? Is Job        controverting  ‘tradition’?
  • ‘Trust/Me!’  Incresingly deceptive cliche in advertisements & the like
  • Being so weak, in what sense can Yahweh be deemed to ‘ProtectTheJust’?

3 lCORl5:12, 1620

  • Read15 12-20! Exploring the complex relationship of God&Christ&Death!
  • What evidence does he give, that God&Christ have truly ‘OverComeDeath’?
  • In my world, apart from constant reiteration in teaching&homily, what are the indictations ThcOptions&Behaviours of Christians that ‘HeHasBeenRaised’?
  • If my ‘Life-after-Baptism  is the same as ‘Christ’sLife-beyond-Death’, how am  I   being encouraged to embrace this, in my concrete ‘struggle-for-faith’?

4 LK6.l7, 20-26

  • Read 6 12-49! For-Diciples  ‘Blessings&Woes’ &A selection of Wisdoms
  • Seriously though! Who in my local church takes these as any more than a posy of pretty flowers to be snifft occasionally, &waved about in  ferverinos!
  • In what sense are disciples being called&formed according to these ‘Guidelines’?
  • Or what if all this is intended to be proclaimed&heard sorta ironically?
  • What about the formation of AdultChnstianDisciples in Northern Ireland?
  • But  ssshh’ Will ‘Catholic’ & ‘Protestant’ Disciples differ in value&quality?
  • Is anything more urgent than to transcend ‘EcclesialParticularisms’?

5.The presence and action of the BlessedOne is it like this?

‘Gertie, wait till I tell ya ‘ Cissie, didja hear something’..?’ ‘Above this mornin’, .he was goin’ on about the sermon on th’ plane..’ ‘What…’ ‘..an’ me sittin’ there like an eejitt, thinkin’  the-manabove had  worked  another  miracle…’  ‘Oh ..’  ‘But he was nearly finished when it dawned, he meant a sorta flat place ..’ ‘What, no nuracle?’  ‘The

 miracle was, that I got an’thin’ at all out of his oul’ rantin’!‘ ‘Well, my fella’s worse when he  ‘Just one thing I pulled outa feedin’ time at th’  azoo! Y’re better off hungry an poor anweepin’, an’  people hatin’ ya for  bein’ a catholic..‘ ‘Well, my fella usedta hate me when I was a ..’ ‘But if y’re rich an’ fat-an’-full an’ laffin’, an’ everyone lovin’ ya, forget-it’ no-joy’ throw-it-in-now” ‘Of course, bein’ such a perverse, he still hates

me,  no, w that  I’m  no  longer  a..’  ‘So,  I  Just  looked  round,_  startin  with  head-a-wit himself, an’ all th’ other fat–cats! an’ sorta glanced at me own rags an’ so-on an’ so­ forth! I says, Cissie, me dearie, there’s for-ya! put that m yer pipe an’ smoke-it!!’ ‘Yeah, there’s still hope for us all!’ ‘Right, Gertie! I Just hope he wasn’t makin’ it up!’ ‘Ha’ That’d be one for th’ books OK!’

6.RIDDLE       What does TheAdultDisciple need most of all?

            Curse or Blessing? Preaching or Teaching? Or Example?

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