6th Sunday of Easter Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 22 May 2022 (’01): 6th Sunday of Easter: C

1. AA15:l-2, 22-29

  • Read 15:1-41! Many sons of dissension around&within the roots TheChristian Churches! What sorts? &How are they relevant to my local church?
  • Why is the impression given that only men-disciples dissent, decide, &dispose?
  • What is the valence in my local church, of TheVatTwoDocuments, the various teachings&declarataons from TheVatican, the exhortations of the local bishop, the explorations of contemporary theologians, the muted controversies?

2 THE PSALM • 66:2-3, 5-6, 8

  • Read 66(67):1- 7(8)! A ShoutFor’Elohim/God’, TheTempleDivnity!
  • ‘Face!’: Like TheSun! A reminder too of the modem ‘Cult-of-TheBeauteousFace’!
  • The insistent emphasis on ‘All/Nations’! Is this purely disinterested&altruistic?
  • Why were ‘TheNations’ not encouraged to deepen their own religious cultures?
  • What other imagings of ‘God’ are suggested nowadays, apart from ‘Emperor/King’?
  • But will other ‘imagings’ then look for ‘other rituals’ (apart from CourtlyPomp!)?
  • Say, what appropriate ‘rituals’ for ‘Friend’, ‘Lover’, Teacher’, ‘Shield’,.?

3. APOC21:10-14, 22-23 (Hey, what about vv15-21?)

  • ‘InTheSpirit/Breath!’: Another hint that these ‘Visions’ come from a ‘ritual’!
  • What is hinted by the constant references to ‘great height’?
  • ‘TheNewJerusalem!’: How was this apocalyptic fantasy fulfilled (If ever!)?
  • What is hinted by the synergic presence-together of ‘God’ & ‘TheLamb’?

4. JN14:23-29

  • Read 14 1-31! Exploration of Jesus’ manifold relatedness to ‘TheFather’!
  • ‘KeepHisWord!’: Make HisPriorities&Choices&Behaviours actually-one’s-own!
  • Can I glimpse in this abstract the clues that led to the dogma of ‘TheTrinity’?
  • How is ‘TheHolyBreath’ at-work in my experience as ‘adult disciple’?
  • Whyis TheHolyBreath from ‘Confirmatton’ not much more assiduously unfolded?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Sir! TheAdvocate, TheHolySpirit, may I ask as one who’s learnt to gabble the language, what is this for You?’ ‘Friend! It is TheBreath that sustains me in my great struggle as a witness’ &In my great work as finger-of-God!’ ‘But sir, may I be so bold as to wonder, where is TheBreath hidden when I most need it? when my world topples in ruin,when prayer is impossible, when love is but a word that lacks all fire?’ ‘Friend, TbeBreath is yours moment-to-moment! only, you-yourself must yearn &embrace&breathe-it!’ ‘Sir, how will this be? since I find it all so unfamiliar!’ ‘That which is most intimate & most near, is also most unfamiliar! TheBreath indeed must be wooed by the hopeful lover!’ ‘Where will I begin, sir?’ ‘Friend, begin with your own familiar breath, that moves between the unknown & the known! ask TheAngel that breathes while you sleep, to grant appreciation of that familiar breath! everything will flow from this” ‘Sir, I thank You for Your friendly encouragement! may what You suggest be but the beginning-of-breath, that will invest me in-time-of­ grace with TheAdvocate, TheBreath!!’

6. RIDDLE   Which is the most nourishing aspect of my local church?

Our courageous dealing-with the manydissensions?

Our understanding&experience of that which we call ‘God’?

Our cultivation of TheBreath as TheTeacher&Remmder-of-Jesus?

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