7th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A 2023 (1996)

19FEB2023 7thSUNinORDINARY(1996): A

1. LEV19:1-2, 17-18

Lev 18-20! What are the main preoccupations reflected in these Prescriptions?

What is the affect of appending to an Imperative, ‘I am TheLord/Yahweh!’?

In my Community, what ‘leverage’ is available, to either “Rulers’ or ‘Subjects’, to

ensure that Prescriptions&Stipulations are adhered to or fulfilled?

Which do I find moves me more to undertake a course of action:

Description of it as a ‘Divine Law’ or ‘The Word of the Lord’?

Support of its ‘truth’ by philosophical or quotational arguments?

Threats of ‘eternal’ or ‘temporal’ Loss or Punishment?

Presentation of one or more Exemplars who freely live the imperative?

Whisper of the InnerVoice of Soul, to take &taste&endure alertly?

Unwillingness to confront or embarrass ‘Authority Figures’?

What are the 5principal ingredients/exemplars/drawbacks of ‘Holiness’?

2. 1COR3:16-23

Why is Paul so obsessive about other claims to ‘Wisdom’?

Was he ironic enough to intuit that in time, even his own ‘Divine Wisdom’ might well topple over into ‘Worldly Wisdom’? How might this happen?

What about the mass of ‘Argument’ in the ‘traditional’ Catholic Apologetics?

Ultimately, what did/do people find so compelling about Paul?

Name the 5mostimpressive Writers Preachers Activists Controversialists?

If I am ‘Temple of God’, in whom dwells ‘Breath of God’

What am I doing to Protect Nourish Explore Honour this?

In what ways do I Neglect Avoid Dishonour Squander this?

Who else do I invite into The Temple? Or who do I exclude?

Who forces their way in: by Violence Fraud or Sweet Talk?

To what extent might Paul be devaluing the NittyGritty of experience?

3. MT5:38-48

In what situations can I glimpse myself to be vengeful vindictive reactive?

Where have I learned this behaviour?

What alternatives to ‘Vengeance’ have I discovered or attempted?

Can I se that ‘Eye-for-Eye’ promotes a basic irreducible ‘Justice’?

Why are exhortations to Tolerance Forgiveness Patience Letting Go Compassion & especially ‘LoveOfEnemies’, falling on deaf ears?

What Mindsets&Models are in possession in our PsychicTapestry, that makes it essentially impossible ludicrous dangerous, to be ‘Soft’ & ‘Wimpish’?

How do the initiations of Children into Adulthood, accentuate attitudes of SelfInterest rather than Altruism? &so involve Violence etc!

In what ways is ‘TheHeavenlyFather’ perfect? &How could I emulate this?

To what extent have I found intensive ‘SoulWork’ helpful in all of this?


Lord! Now & then a stone turns,

&It’s You, smiling! More Conflagration

&Cauldron than before! Like now! O why?

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