7th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

            Sunday 20 February 2022 (’01): 7thSUNinORDINARY     C

 1. 1SAM26.2, 7-9,12-13, 22-23

  • Read 26·1-25! Exploration of TheDignty&Prerogative of ‘Yahweh’sAnointed”
  • How did this numinous understanding of ‘TheLord’sAnointed’ come to invest Jesus-of-Nazareth on the one hand, &Christian clergy on the other?
  • In what sense was Saul ‘Yahweh’sAnointed’? (Read 1SAM8:1-12 25!)
  • &OldSc1muelTbeAnointer!  Where is his like in ThelrishChristian Churches!
  • &Who is initiating Women&Men who are truly ‘anointed-by-Yahweh’?

2. THE PSALM : 102:1-4, 8, 10, 12-13

  • Read 102(103).1-22! Celebration of the ‘Fruits’ of Yahweh’s ‘SteadfastLove”
  • What 10 Benefits do I consider myself ‘lndebted ToYahweh’ for?
  • Nowadays, how apt is the ‘Father/Son’ relationship  as an image for the disposition     of Yahweh toward those who struggle to embody HisPriority?
  • ‘Compassion&Love, SlowToAnger, RlchlnMercy!’ Who is this, in my local church?

3. 1COR15·45-49

  • In 35words of contemorary language, what does he seem to be saying here?
  • Where did Paul get these variations on TheFirstMan&TheLastMan”
  • In what way are ‘TheSpiritual&Heavenly’ superior to ‘TheSoulful&Earthly’?
  • How will an alert ecologically-engaged woman hear all of this ‘man-talk”?
  • ‘Cos after all, ‘Eve’ is ‘MotherOfAllThatLives’!

4. LK6:27-38

  • Are women-disciples also envisaged as active-agents in these challenging options?
  • The exaggerated & somewhat perverse ‘morality’ of this ‘sermon’, does it matter that few if any Christians actually behave like this?
  • Which will it be?  Measure-for-Measure? Or Measure-without-Regard?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Confidential  memorandum to TheMostExcellentHighPriest Caiaphas!

Dispatched by trusted messenger from BarShemayâ’, Stalker of TheNazarene! Greetings! May Heaven’sBlessings adorn YourExcellency!

Excellency, at YourBidding &for Yourlnfortmation, I am priveledged to be YourEyes&Ear, for You in respect of TheNazarene! Recently, on the third day of NewMoon, he brought his followers to a place in the wilderness, &there he solemnly named twelve men from the group! These are to be called TheTwelve, for TheTwelve of Jacob, peace be upon him! I’ve heard whispers too, that they are to be TheSeed, as it were, of a NewIsraeI! Thus far, I’ve seen no evidence of weapons collected, or special training but I remain alert tor any word of treasonable intentions! After TheTwelve were presented, TheNazarene began to preach the basics of his ethical program. I must admit I was very confused as I listened to what seemed the  ravings of a  madman! But let YourExcellency judge! ‘ThePoor will rule’ TheEnemy is to be embraced’ Never retaliate when robbed or injured! No Judgments, no condemnation ‘ Woe to TheRich!’ By Your leave, YourExcellency, I offer my impression of all this! The movement iniatated by TheNazarene is like a mall running sore! which, if ignored &neglected, will rapidly consume the entire body! Fare You Well!’

6. RIDDLE Which is the yearnable essential? Getting the pious rhetoric right?

Maintaining a discreet personal spirituality?

Risking a scandalous public discipleship?

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