Easter Sunday Cycle C 2022 (’01)


1.  AA10:34, 37-43

  • Read 10:1-48! TheLeaderOfTheTwelve takes an exemplary initiative!
  • Peter’s KerygmaHomilyApologia!

            What would most impress a potential ‘convert’

            What would be questionable, or based on little or no ‘evidence’?

            That ‘eating&drinking’. Where do I also experience such ‘intimacy’?

            Isn’t Peter very restrained about ‘blaming’ anyone for what happened?

2.  THE PSALM  117:1-2, 16-17, 22-23 (A pitiable shred! &For Easter too!)

  • Read 117(118):1-29! TheShout-with-Others of one-rescued-by-Yahweh!
  • What 20Favours should my local church be grateful to ‘Yahweh’ for?
  • In what ways is ‘Yahweh’sLove-Love-for-Us’ different from that of TheOtherGods?

3.  Col3:1-4

  • Read 2:8-3:17! What niche is there in me, for this ‘esoteric worldview’, along with AddictionObsessionTVMoneyKeepingFitParanoiaEroticismStressNarcissismPassiveEntertainmentHobbiesAvoidanceDebtsGuiltAmbitionRegret(wow!)?

4.  1COR 6-8

  • Read 5:1-13! Why is Paul so insistently ‘puritanical’ in this regard?
  • To what extent have the IrishChristianChurches refused to address the rampant exploitation of the sexual susceptibilities especially of adolescents?

5.  JN20:1-9

  • Read 20:1-18! Who ‘saw’ what? &With what ‘affect’?
  • If my local church is ‘TheBodyOfTheLord’, what are the incontrovertible signs?
  • How is the ‘StruggleOfTwoDisciples’ mirrored in my local church?
  • How do I explain to enquirers, Jesus’ ‘RisingFromTheDead’?

6.  The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Something I’ve always been curious about..’ ThePractisingSkeptic invariably began tentatively!’How Peter & the other disciple didn’t see the angels that Mary saw only minutes earlier! TheOfficialBeliever nodded sagely with pursed lips & a glance at fingernails, ‘You’re actually asserting this, that the sacred writer only divulges a fragment of what obtained then&there! &only those aspects of immediate concern to catechesis&faith! Other latent truths are only gradually brought into the light by ‘The Magisterium, &those competent periti who offer TheAuthenticTeachers the fruits of their labour…’ ‘all that sounds too neat! &Avoids the issue…’  ‘No issue is avoided by Christ’sChurchOnEarth!’ ‘For instance! Were there two alleged tombs? Were two different legends woven together? Was it necessary to rehabilitate…’ ‘ When will you realise how shallow&fatuous all that is! Not to mention the soupcon of blasphemy! The inspired narrative offers a rich exposé of the simple faith of those early disciples! adequate&inerrant&truthful! Sour-grapes criticism will never subvert God’sWord proclaiming TheResurrection! That’s the long & the short of it!’ ‘But how can you sit there, &trot out…’  ‘ It’s your freethinkers who’ve trotted out of TheTrueChurch! Simple as that! But I’ve not ceased to storm Heaven for you! Like the other disciple, lookAgain! &Peter will finally confirm your faith!!’

  1. RIDDLE   ‘TheEasterRising! Yes, but which one? 1916? TheSap-in-Nature?

                               Irish Moral Standards? Tempers in CertainDisputes?

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