Passion (also called Palm) Sunday Cycle C 2022 (’01)

SUN10APR2022 (2001): PASSION(also called PALM) SUNDAY


1. ISS50:4-7

  • Read TheSongsOfYahweh’s Slave! 42:1-9; 49:1-7; 50:4-9; 52:13-53:12!
  • What especially characterises TheSpeaking&Listening of a ‘YahwehDisciple’?
  • What aspect of the disciple’s praxis attracts this contemptuous treatment?
  • Where (&by-whom) in my world are Yahweh’sDisciples so scurrilously used?
  • &And are not women-disciples pf ‘Yahweh’ similarly demeaned?
  • ‘Cos I’m invited to think of many others than Jesus, as ‘TheSufferingServant’!
  • What encouragement or training am I offered, so as to endure persecution?
  • What if ‘domestic violence’ is a form of ‘persecution’ largely dissimulated?

2. THE PSALM. 21;8-9, 17-20, 23-24 (Another eviscerated psalm!)

  • Read 21(22) 1-31! One of the greatest ‘Trust-in-Yahweh” psalms! But will Yahweh actually respond in a concrete&effectual manner? Or tarry on HisThrone?
  • Are Yahweh’s enemies more clear-eyed&realistic about His actual ‘Weakness’?
  • Again, is there any place for women-sufferers in this male diatribe?
  • Indeed, is there an implicit assertion, Salvation is man’s-business!’?
  • ‘My God, My God!’ Jesus’ protest at being abandoned by TheBlessedOne?
  • Or the beginning of AfternoonPrayer? Or the riddle of TheBeloved’s sordid end?

3. PHIL2:6-11

  • Read 2:1-18! But can Paul guarantee ‘The Mind of Jesus’ in his converts?
  • But does the hymn quoted in this excerpt actually represent ‘The Mind of Jesus’?
  • Will the semi-mystical tone serve to make me somewhat wary&ironic?
  • Why is Paul so ‘enthusiastic’ about Jesus’ ‘death-by-Crucifixion’?
  • ‘The Name!’: The salient name? Yahweh/TheLord! TheOneWhoBringsOutOfEgypt!

4. LK2214 -23,56 Abbreviated PassionNarrative)

  • Read 19:29 – 24-35 The narrative tapestry of HisExodus-in-Jerusalem!
  • What about LK’s reputation? A Gospel that highlights ‘women’! &TheTwoCups!
  • TheTwoSwords! TheAngel-of-the-Agony! TheGoodThief! TheFinalShout!
  • How does LK especially portray

                        The ‘disciples’ of Jesus, both men&women?

                        Those hostile to Jesus, in particular the religious leaders?

5. The Presence&Action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Well, there’s a Palm Sunda’ round’ again! Didja carry y’r palm F’r….. “It’s changed t’ Passion Sunda’ now, he tol’ us! In honour of…’ ‘Passion? How come Passion’? D’ya mean,  

‘Looka, even if y’are a socialist an’ all!! It’s Our Lord’s Sacred Passion, he said!’  ‘I didn’t mean no bull, but they’re always choppin’ an’ changin”! Not like in th’ oul’ Canon’s day! Things were more regimental then!’ ‘Begod y’re right! Regimental! D’ya remember…’ ‘But y’ knew where y’ stood! Not like now!’ ‘ .’…he’d shout, “Houl’ up them palms comrades! An’ join ‘Im  in ‘Is march t’ free th’ Oppressed!” …’No master plan at all, that’s what I surmise! No strategy, just choppin’ an’ …’ ‘ Every day a’ Holy Week, he’d stan’ there…’ ‘No wonder I took me walkin’ papers! Like a crowd a’ headless…’ ‘ Well let them! When I go, it’s f’r him! So I gave it a good hike up in the air! An’ shouted his words inside a’ me! There was a tear in me eye, but it was f’r him, an’ the man above!  ‘Ah, boys a’ boys! Let’s drink t’ that ! Him an’ the man above!!’

RIDDLE: What is Jesus witnessing? TruthJusticeLovdeCouragePatienceLife?

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