The Nativity of Our Lord Cycle B 2020 (’99)


1. 1S52:7-10

  • Read 52:1-12! Celebrating the greatExodus fromBabylon to re-inhabit Jerusalem!
  • ‘TheLord”: Yahweh as Companion&Consoler&Champion of ThePeople’
  • Why is this (edited!) excerpt of TheShoutSong offered for ChristmasDay?

                   What could possibly compete with Santa for our interest?

                   How disconcerting  won’t  it be seeing ‘Yahweh’ Face-to-Face!

                   Especially if Yahweh’s ‘TheNeedy&Oppressed&Desperate’!

                   If Yahweh ‘BaresHisArm’, isn’t that for ViolentRetnbutionon’?

                   Within TheChristmasTinsel, what’s the h1dden Rage-of-ThePoor?

  • THE PSALM : 97:1-6
  • Read 97(98):1-9! A flattery-song, more fitting for CanaaniteBaal!
  • What hints in this psalm, of the essential ‘Wonders&Salvation&Justice’ of Yahweh?
  • Its apparent fit to ‘Christmas’, will it blind me to the endemic  problematics?
  • Especially, the collusive cover-up > of  ‘truth’ by convulsive  ‘celebration’!
  • HEBl ·1-6
  • How does this writer know that Jesus is ‘TheSon’, not merely a ‘prophet’?
  • His images,  PatternLightCommandDefilementHeavenTitleFirstBorn   etc’
  • Where did he  find these? &How do  they give me a glimpse of his mind?
  • In 20 words, how do I express what is the ‘Origin&Essence&Work’ of  myself?
  • The current ‘promotion’ of ‘Angels’! Good, bad, or indifferent?
  • In 16words, myUnderstandang&Experience of what are called ‘angels’?
  • Which is more elusive&morc valuable? Self-, Jesus-, or Universe-Knowledge?

4. JNl:1-18                                       I

  • The most significant Word/Event/Iniative is ‘Yahweh’s’ inevitable faltering attempt/s to be born. not only into the language but the behaviours of ThePeople!
  • If this premiss is accepted, then how will I hear each word in this  excerpt?
  • As adultChristian, how are the JesusNarratives ‘enlightening’ me?
  • At the crunch,  which do I find more ‘acceptable’, Yahweh or God or Jesus?
  • ‘Rank!’: TheJohn-Jesus comparison, where is this  in myChurch&Commun1ty?
  • In what , ways are ‘Grace&Truth’ superior to ‘TheLaw’?
  • How could anyone else  in TheBible be superior to Moses?
  • The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘I saw y’ above this morning!’ ‘Yeah, Christmas’ When I took the step, I promised  th’ oul’ Canon I’d always go at Christmas! “For TheWord!”, he said! “It lepps down into the dark of our winter, lookin’ for a home!” An’ listen, he whispered this, “That’s why I’m a sorta socialist’ The poor people, they’re TheWordMadeFlesh!!” His own words, they’re engraved on me, better nor a sermon!’  ‘Begod  y’re  right!  I  can  see why y’ loved that man! sure he was like tonic for us in them hard tames!’ ‘An’ look how he knew about Christmas! tho’ I had t’ drag meself past th’ door, an’ could hardly hear word,  y’  might  as well a’had sparras! yet I came away filled up for another year!’  ‘Y’re very eloquent indeed!’ ‘An’ even they never mention ‘im, he’s there by hisself every Christmas, leppin’ int  our darkness! Aw, what more can I  say…’

  • RIDDLE  Where was   He  born? Bethlehem, Jordan, Golgotha, or myConversion?

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