The Nativity of Our Lord Cycle A 2022 (’01)

Sunday 25th DECEMBER 2022 (’01) : THE NATIVITY OF OUR LORD

1. ISAIAH 52:7-10

  • Read 51:1-52:12. ‘TheMovement&Restoration &Healing of ThePeople’
  • Apart from tinges of chauvinism&triumphalism in this extract,

Who is announcing&consolidating ‘goodness for-now’

What ‘ruins’ of my local church are looking for attention?

If I met Yahweh ‘face-to-face, would each know the other

2. THE PSALM 97:1-16

  • Read 97(98)1-9! Celebration of Yahweh’s ‘Victory’ &’JusticeMaking’
  • How important in my local church is the entitling of Yahweh&Jesus as ‘king’?
  • RightHand&HolyArm!’. Hints to a militant ‘HolyWar’mentality
  • What if ‘salvation’ in this psalm, &in christian imagining, are totally different?
  • &Jesus, ‘TheSaviour’, what was He ‘saving’ His contemporaries for, or from?
  • How important is song&music&dance in ‘christian ritual’ nowadays?

3. HEB 1:1-6

  • Read 1:1-2:18! The web of relations between ‘TheSon’ & ‘TheAngels’!
  • Where does this exalted language enter into my contemporary experience?
  • In what ways is it relevant (or not) to the celebration of ‘Christmas’?
  • Father&Son!’. The benefit&cost of the prevalence of this relationship in TheBible?

4. JOHN 1:1-8

  • Why was this (TheLastGospel) often read over the sick, for healing?
  • This cultic song (with some interpolations, say, about TheBaptist),

What is its central&irreducible affirmation?

‘TheWord’? TheExodusSymbol? TheSpeakingBreath? TheFeminineWisdom

The WordEmbodied, what palpable power has It in my life&times

How is ‘Christ’ actually making ‘God’ part of my adult experience?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Sir’ A question that’s long waited patiently for the asking! How did you perceived&take-to-yourself Heaven’s breathing&speaking?! Always, perhaps, I was cradled in Heaven’s paternal embrace! But it was when I was twelve, &took on the burdensome blessing of covenant, then it was friend, that I began to be nourished by the breasts of angels’ ‘Sir, your words inspire me greatly’ &Make me bold to ask you about TheWord! What is that, &what is your relation to it?’ ‘Friend, this truth-of-Heaven has been trampled by hooves-of-bulls, as it became gossiped-about by ever-new people in ever-new languages!’ ‘Sir, I fear we will not comprehend each other about this!’ ‘TheWord, friend, flows between us in our deepening friendship! It is the deepest darkest fire-of-Heaven! Every other depth &deepness is born from that well-of-narrative, &that heart of action, &that tree-of-yearning!’ ‘Why, sir, do some assert that in your living&dying TheWord has truly come amongst us?’ ‘Friend! What came upon me before&during&after! What entered with breath&light&blood! Nazareth Bethlehem Jerusalem! That rich fullness of love’s myriad extravagance is barely hinted by stammering ‘TheWord’! But may this friendship touch you, so that you too may suffer the unfathomable grace of Heaven’sKiss!’ ‘Sir, my thanks! &May our friendship ever be soul’s bearing-up in the storm!’


WhichJesus must be Born-for-our-Darkness?

TheOne who ensures our victory over others?

TheOne who empowers our struggle for truth?

TheOne who deepens our awareness into love?

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