11th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’97)

Sunday 13th June 2021(1997): 11th SUN in ORDINARY B

1  EZEK 17:22-24

  • Reads EZEK17:1-24 (&31:1-18)! Yahweh’s claim to be Active&Powerful in the Politics of KingMaking&Exile&Restoration! &In the vital dynamics of ‘Covenant’!
  • ‘Cedar!’: One of the great sacred&secular Trees in the AncientWorld!
  • In what sense is myChurch/Community a Refuge for AllComers?
  • If the Promise attributed to Yahweh is but ‘pious exaggeration&wishful thinking?
  • The threat about ‘The Trees’, what would the equivalent in my world be?

2  2COR5:6-10

  • Read 4:1-5:10! Polemic against our ‘perishing/bodily/earthly’ life!
  • Why is it not considered more virtuous to be ‘in the body, struggling&suffering’?
  • How can this writer claim, ‘to live in the body means to be exiled from TheLord’?
  • Why is his claim not more seriously explored &questioned? rather than left there?
  • Where does he draw his confidence&enthusiasm&energy from?
  • What is the effect on us nowadays of imagining Jesus in the scenario of ‘lawcourt’?

3  MK4:26-34

  • ‘Kingdom of God’!’: The presence&action of the One who was at work in Jesus!
  • ‘Parable!’: A fancy word for yarns images similes he flung about like seed!
  • Why are his disciples not trained now to use metaphor as freely&creatively as He did!
  • What of the fantasy, there was ‘excess meaning’ in parables, reserved for disciples!
  • ‘SeedInSecret!’: Does this sound as if someone ‘helpfully’ expanded it?
  • ‘MustardSeed!’: What if this horticulturally suspect image is really a burlesque! Namely, that the work of Jesus will never really be gigantic! scrawny, rather!

4   The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

One of the most difficult(if not impossible) things, that those who invoked TheName of Foundress struggled to accept, was the possibility that She mightn’t always favour or fructify those who invoked HerName!  In spite of Her greatRiddle that everyone knew and quoted, ‘Being right is nothing, being right is everything!’ &Even tho’ TheOracle reminded TheDevotees , to say nothing to TheConvenors, ‘She is not yours, &perhaps you are Hers…! ‘Whatever about this, the vast majority continued to invoke HerName with unquestioning self-righteousness! ‘Let us have no mawkishness! &Let TheOracle itself keep its feet on the ground! Less of this stirring-up-things!’ &So it continued for Foundress’ loyal ostriches! Until the moment the ground melted away from under both head&feet!  Forever after, it was called TheCriticalRemembrance! TheChiefConvenor of the time, marvellous! was approached by Foundress, &reminded of something that however had slippt thro’ the memory of all!  Her FinalRiddle, delivered 3Days before her DanceAway!

                        Foundress is neither your Past nor your Future!

                        The more Honour the less Honour!

                        The less Honour the more Honour!

                        Foundress is both your Past &your Future!

The Crisis of Faith experienced by TheChiefConvenor was as unprecedented as it was fruitful!  He resigned hisOffice, &began ‘TheNationalMovement to ReEmbrace Foundress’! The days of the ostrich were finished!!

  • RIDDLE     

Which is preferable?

Tp wheel out the old tired ParableInterpretation?

Or to make new Stories out of Disciple’sStruggles?

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