The Body & Blood of Christ Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 6th June 2021(‘00):The Body & Blood of Christ B

1  Exodus24:3-8

  • Currently, what are the Uses&Fears&Fantasies&Superstitions around ‘Blood’?
  • How are these affected by TheBible, by Catholic devotion, & ancestral taboo?
  • In 45words, my best understanding of the symbolism of ‘blood’?
  • In what ways is a woman’s appropriation of ‘blood’ different from a man’s?
  • What are the great ‘blood stories&rituals’ in biblical&other-mythology?

2    THE PSALM:  115.12-13, 15-18

  • Read 115(116) 1-19! Another great ‘Yahwistic Credo’! So, why truncated?
  • ‘Yahweh’sName!’: The  subversive thought is, ‘HisPower, who is daring to have-it’?
  • To what extent, &in what ways, could I boast that ‘Yahweh-has-freed-me’?
  • ‘Cos after all, if there’s no ‘real freedom’ in regard to this&that ‘must’, about Relationships&Church&State etc, isn’t ‘Yahweh’ purely ‘for the birds’!

3      HEB9.11-15

  • What do I make of the mindset&style&self-confidence, &yet gobbledygook, of HEB?
  • Is there not in my church a squibble ‘Don’t actively critique anything churchy’?
  • So, how can I see through the coldblooded ‘positivism’ of this excerpt?

4      MK14:12-16, 22-26 (But what of the essential  vv17-21?)

  • Read 14 1-72! So, who was it that deeply-betrayed Jesus ‘Bequest’?
  • ThePassover/Pesach!’: Nakedly, TheYearlingUnblemishedRamRoasted&Eaten!
  • ‘MyBody!’ But has fascination with ‘substance’ obscured the ‘solidarity’ not only among those present, but with  all TheHungry&TheThirsty&thePoor?
  • ‘My Blood!’.  Literalising this, as if He spoke English, has obscured the challenge to disciples, to have their life totally in ‘covenantal’ ministry-to-others’!

5    The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

God, it’s on’y after comin’ back t’ me now, sittin’ here wi’ this ball o’ malt in me fisht, what th’ oul’ Canon usedta say about  TheBlessedSacrament! ‘Who?’ ‘Aw, I loved that man, whatever bitta religion I’ve held onta ‘s purely his doin’ , socialist an’ all as he was!’ Aw y’r words is bringin’ it back t’ me! even tho’ ‘am nothin’ an’ a pagan, an’ never darken th’ door now , God forgimme me heart’s all on fire again at the thought of ‘im’ why was ‘e taken away from us at all, I can’t make it out! An’ him still on’y a yoot of eighty!’ ‘An’ d’ya  remember ‘is great apake about ThePrisoner in TheBlessedSacrament! ‘T’ be sure I do!’ Go on, begod, say it for me! Bring ‘im back til us!’ ‘God I have it dancin’ on me tongue like John Jameson! ‘Say it then!’  ‘He’d stand there like James Connolly, an’ proclaim it out about Our Lord, ‘Don’t be lavin’ ‘Im there a prisoner, like some beautiful animal in the Zoo’ gawkin’ an’ gabbin; at ‘Im! Bring ‘Im out in yer heart inta the streets an’ lanes! Give ‘Im yer eyes an’ hands.’ an’ yer feet, an’ yer love-for-all!’ ‘Aw boys a’ boys is it too late? Can we still try an’ do what ‘e wanted us ta…pagans an’ all as we are?’

RIDDLE       Which? The reassuring slavery of Egypt? 

                       Or the unpredictably-demanding freedom of the Wilderness?

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