20th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

SUN14Aug. (’01) . 20thSUNinORDINARY . C

1. JER38.4-6, 8-10 (Why such a paltry ‘sound-bite’?)

  • Read 36.1 – 38.28′ Thevicissitudes of a ‘Mouth-of-Yahweh’ vis-a-vis ‘TheRulingAuthority! But where is this ‘shoutable encounter’ in my local church’
  • Why are contemporary ‘churchmen’ not ‘thrown into theCistern” (Romero’)’
  • So, is my relatively-unfraught ‘discipleship’ a danger-signal’
  • As a priority, what aspect of my local church am I called on to protest-about’

2. THE PSALM : 39 2-4, 18 (An ungenerous nose-gay’)

  • Read 39(40):1-16(17)’ A more intimate friend-connectedness withYahweh”
  • Who, in my life, has embodied such importance in my regard?
  • How preferable, to shout this song about one’s friend or spouse or mentor”
  • In 60 words, write a ‘new song’ for my ‘GrcatSupporter”
  • How PatriciusFiliusCalpornii remembered this psalm in his Confession’
  • ‘Wretched&Poor&Mired”. Name 100 of these, in my local church’
  • How was/is ‘Yahweh’sRescuing’ actually experienced’ Or is it ‘purely spiritual'”

3. HEB12 1-4

  • Read 12 1-39′ The powerful Exemplar of Jesus’ as Perfecter-of-faith, Endurer -of-Hostility, Mediator-of-a-NewCovenant’ But will example suffice?
  • What 20Factors are hindering the resolute unfolding of my own ‘Wholeness’? * Which inhibits me more’ Fear Shame Lethargy Incompetence Resentment or what?
  • ‘Witnesses” What sorts of ‘role-models’ are being presented to children nowadays’
  • ‘Sin”. But, if the ‘sense of sin’ has been deadened by ‘double-standardism’?
  • Who is helping me to explore the riddle, ‘Life-before& after-Death”?

4. LK12 49-53

  • The ‘Jesus’ reflected in this excerpt’ How different is He from the ‘Jesus’ of popular religion(‘TheSacredHeart’)’

‘Fire BaptismDivision! Wa-wa’ Will He ruin our acceptable slumber? Will He inspire ‘christians’ to controvert the ambivalent ‘peace process’? Does He reckon ‘distress&division’ as resource to test ‘true faith”

What strategies are being deployed to keep Him ‘incommunicado'”

But aren’t we safe from Him really’ ‘cos who’d risk blowing the whistl

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Sir’ May I frankly speak my mind”‘ ‘Friend’ As far as you can, never otherwise with me’ For what is fnendship, but truth”‘ ‘Sir, priceless encouragment’ I confess I’m dismayed when I hear you speak to disciples about fire&distress, &division in families” ‘Friend’ have you not realised yet, the word I bear? More earthquake than John’s! more conflagration than Jeremlah’s! more-cataclysm than Moses! more tempest than Jonah’s” ‘I’d supposed, sir, that you were gentle&meek&amenable &non-violent. “Amen’ Nothing of this speaking-of-me is truth’ not heaven’s-truth’ Moment-to-moment, in heaven’s-breath&with-all-my-heart, I engage whatever is happening’ With-you, friend’ with the poor&lame’ with the leaders of the people’ with my disciple; & my family’ what-more’ ‘Sir, I begin to see you’ with new eyes .’ ‘Friend’ What is friendship but our struggle to see each other’s total truth’ So too, whatever is happening, I offer it heaven’s fnendship! &Truth,friend, as you recognise yourself, like friendship, is heaven’s most necessary, but yet most abhorred gift ..

6. RIDDLE Which is best? Minimal, maximal, or hot&cold ‘Engagement’?

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