1st Sunday of Lent Cycle B 2021 (’00)

 Sunday 21 Feb 2021(’00) 1st Sun of Lent: B

1   GEN9:8-15

  • Read 6:1-9:29! how Noah carried out the Agenda of both ‘God’ & ‘TheLord’!
  • What was the true outcome of all the stage-management of Ark&Flood&Covenant?
  • Sure, how can I be affected-now, by an agreement-then between ‘God’ & ‘Noah’?
  • Where are Noah’sWife&3DaughtersInLaw, throughout all the argy-bargy?
  • Why would ‘God’ have wanted to destroy everything because of ‘human sin’?
  • Are we any better off in regard to, or any better informed concerning, various ecological catastrophes (say, earthquakes!) than this storyteller is?
  • &Will his ‘wishful thinking’ reassure, in face of current ‘natural disasters’?
  • &What of the countless species being destroyed by ‘man’ each year?

2    THE PSALM: 24:4-9

  • READ 24(25):1-22! A stringent scrutiny of Yahweh’s commitment to ‘covenant’?
  • Currently, who knows-about, let alone cares-about, or keeps, His’Covenant’?
  • ‘TheWays/Paths/Truths of Yahweh!’: Read MT25:31-46(wow) carefully!
  • If He ‘teaches HisWay to ThePoor’, why are these not running TheShow?
  • Compared with the gutsiness of the whole psalm, is this excerpt a bit flaccid?

3    1PET3:18-22

  • Read 1:1-5:14! Imagine if this was read aloud at every Baptism!
  • Why is there so much emphasis in early writings that ‘Christ died for sins’?
  • Rather than, say, because He was embodying a new dangerous way-of-life?
  • In my Baptism, what is the equivalent of ‘TheArk’ when I go into ‘TheWaters’?
  • ‘Water’!: What 25Aspects of my web-of-experience are imbued with&by ‘water’?
  • Why is the nurture of MatureChristianConscience being so reprehensibly spurned?

4     MK112-15

  • Read1:1-15! Resumé of the foundational ‘EndTimeUpSurgeOfYahwehBreath’?
  • ‘DroveHimOut!’: As TheScapegoat(LEV16), &ThePaschalRam (EXOD12)!
  • What is ‘testing’ the YahwisticCommitment of myChurch&Community?
  • With so much ‘GodRhetoric’, would we even recognise or value ‘Yahweh’, the half-suppressed half-resurgent WildernessDivinity with the unacceptableAgenda?
  • If He preached the ‘theologicalGod’ or the ‘biblicalYahweh’, does anybody care?

5     The presence&action of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Well?’ ‘Well! He was on about Lent above this mornin’! That’ll be the shpeel now for…’ ‘I won’t even ask about the…’ ‘No, he didn’t mention th’ oul’ Canon!  Sure he wasn’t even born….’ ‘OK I said I wouldn’t ask…’ ‘But he did say somethin’ that perked me in the middle o’ th’ dronin’! Didja know th’ Ark, with Noah an’ all them in it, come down in Turkey!’ ‘Y’mean, like a space ship?’ ‘It was an ordinary ship, he said! Like a canal barge’ an’ all th’ animals two-be-two..’ ‘An’ how’d they all fit in a barge? especially th’ dinosores!’ ‘It was a miracle, he said! An’ what’s more, wait for it! Some o’ them animals, probably camels an’ desert dogs, came t’ accompany  OurLord on his retreat in th’ wilderness for Lent! from Turkey, mind you!’ ‘I think he’s pullin’ yer leg! there was no Lent then!’ ‘Ha-ha! He anticipated y’ there! He said it was called the exodus then!’ ‘Well. I’ll say one thing for ‘im! he’s one that can think ’em up real good, God bless ‘is wit!’

6       RIDDLE  Which? My fully-conscious Baptism as an infant?

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