2nd Sunday of Lent Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 28 February 2021 (’00): 2ndSUNofLENT : B

1. GEN22:1-2,9-13,15-18

  • Read 22:1-19! Exploring ‘faith&progeny&sacrifice&God’! their interrelatedness!
  • Out of ‘conflicting priorities’, which ‘priority’ is presented as supreme?
  • Why did ‘God’ want to put Abraham ‘to the test’? (Read JOBl.1-22!)
  • Why should ‘willingness to sacrifice his own son’ lead to a ‘shower of blessings’?
  • In myChurch, how important are ‘The3Blessings’ promised to Abraham?
  • What in my experience equals the patterns-of-choice represented in this story?
  • Apart from ‘brevity’, why were bits cut from this important story (TheAqedah)?

2. THE PSALM: 115:10, 15-19 (A most grievous mutilation)

  • Read 115(116):1-19! The varying moods&presentiments of a Lover-of-Yahweh!
  • What 3Motivations do I have, for ‘t rust-in-Yahweh’?
  • What is myCommunity providing for the many who are ‘sorely-afflicted’?
  • Why was ‘your slave-girl’s son’ (NEB) omitted from v16?
  • Isaac’s escape from death, how important in ‘understanding’ Jesus’ death?

3. ROMS:31-34        .

  • Read 8:1-39! Explorative compendium of Paul’s ‘dilemma of opposites’!
  • Why is Paul so sure that ‘God is on our side’?
  • Where did he learn all this? &especially the link between Jesus, &Isaac’sBinding?
  • How am I affected by this kind of ‘surely-not’ argumentation?
  • But,  factual&statemental ‘talk-about-God’, is it any more sufficient nowadays?

4. MK.9:2-10!

  • Wherein my world do I above-all encounter ‘Yahweh’? How do I know, &cope?
  • Which OT characters are ‘transfigured&dazzling&white’? (Read 2COR3!)
  • Why do Brides, &Others-in-context, manifest these 3TranscendentalQualities?
  • How have TheMedia exploited the hint of ‘divinity’ associated with these ‘qualities’?
  • If Jesus truly absorbed&embodied ‘TheInitiativeOfYahweh’, What’s the use of worshipping&expounding Him in a detached&mimimalist way?

What’s the dangerous implication for disciples, in a christophobic milieu?

&Aren’t we ourselves safe, as long as we keep TheBible on a drip in the nursing home!

5. The presence&act1on of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Sir! I would be thankful to hear you talk about the mountain!’ ‘Friend, I am most gratified myself to meet you like this! For there is the mountain, wherever we are together, &at-one!’ ‘Do not be affronted, sir, if I recall that it is not our encounter, but the mountain, that I would hear your discourse of!’ ‘Friend, for me the mountain is nothing else than the meeting! Whatever the meeting, wherever it takes place, the mountain gathers there! &nowhere else!’ ‘But sir, you see MountOphel&Sion, blessings upon them! &MountCarmel, &Thabor! &We’ve all heard of Horeb; &especially Sinai, Mount of TheCovenant!’ ‘Friend, if the covenant is not there between&within us, all our boasting of Sinai, &the many other HolyMountains, is truly a vanity-of-vanities! &blinds us to our need to see, not what is far-above or far-away, but very close at-hand! that is the mountain in every respect! Take the first steps there in favour of TheCovenant, &Sinai will truly disappear…!’ ‘Sir, by your words, in truth, the mountain is now ourselves !!’

6. RIDDLE Who was most ‘transformed’ by the ‘mountain’?

Peter or Moses or Jesus?

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