21st Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

SUN21AUG2022 (’01) 21stSUNInORDINARY C

1. IS6.18-21-

  • Read 66.1-24! Isaiah ends in a web of Threats&Promises, harsh&tender’ &TheWelter of Yahweh’sEverchangingMoodiness vis-a-vis TheOtherGods’
  • In 20words, what has ‘Yahweh’ in mind in this excerpt” &What is ‘TheGlory’ & ‘TheSign’ & ‘TheOffering”‘ &What would attract foreigners to ‘Jerusalem”
  • ‘TheDistantIslands”. Did YahwehPeople ever make it to Oilean-na-hEireann?

2 THE PSALM . 116 1-2

  • What is it about ‘Yahweh’, that would interest ‘TheNations’ & ‘ThePeoples”‘
  • More than, say, Marduk Ra Demeter LughLamhFhada Odin Ishtar Athena
  • In what 15Ways have I reliably experienced ‘TheFaithfulnessOfYahweh’?
  • How does ‘Yahweh’sSteadfastLove’ extend to-me & through-me &from-me’
  • What is ‘TheGoodNews'” &What is the actual fruit of proclaiming-it?
  • ‘TheWholeWorId” How is this proclamation’ being made to ‘all-the-other-species'”
  • ForEver ” Bla-bla, if this isn’t ‘wishful thinking’, how can the claim be tested’

3 HEB12.5-7, 11-13

  • ‘Sons” When TheBible plainly refers to ‘FathersSonsBrothers’, should we conceal this by (understandably) substituting ‘Inclusive language”‘ Or admit the bias’ * What sorts of ‘punishment/discipline’ are demonstrably ‘from Yahweh”
  • Are women ‘disciplined by Yahweh’ differently-from-men” &If-so,why?
  • But has my suffering inevitably been fruitful’ Or are stringent conditions needed”
  • How is this writer able to talk so self-assuredly about ‘TheLord’ ?
  • Which 7Aspects of my AdultChristianExperience especially disillusion me’

4 LK13 22-30

  • Read 13:1-35′ Genuine&dangerous, or fake&comforting, ‘discipleship”‘
  • In 25words, my best Understanding&Experience of ‘salvation”‘
  • Which is preferable’ Narrow or wide door’ Few or many entering”
  • Why does ‘TheMaster ‘ lock the ‘Door” &Reject those who arrive afterwards’
  • & can I understand or empathise-with the overall harshness of this excerpt
  • Who really is being targeted by these fulminations? Disciples’ Jews’ Us’ Or First&Last. What benefit, if any, resides in such tendentious declarations’

5 The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Gran!”Yes, a mhilis?“Sam an’ Boysie had another row’ in his LandRover at the bottom of our drive’ Boysie called her a word “0 my goodness ‘ an’ she ran off, shoutin’ another word “Effie me poor gersha I hope you didn’t. “But listen, Gran’ when Boysie comes up to the bungalow, Mam says laffin’, “Yous is some pair’ if it’s not one it’s th’other’ forever weepina nashina teeth'” “0 “Gran’ weepina nashina teeth””Yes, Effie is Mam sayin’ .”That maybe their teeth’s at-them” Like causin’ them to say a word . “But you an’ me, Gran’ our teeth doesnt’t 0, weepina nashina’ does somcthin’ t’ them, makin’ them narly ‘ like Chuckie. “Mam used to say, “Why’s that child always scringin’ its teeth'” “So Boysie an’ Sam, scringin’ their teeth, weepina nashina, ‘-‘But why, Gran’ they’re not a kid, like Chuckie. ”Grownups do weepina nashina teeth ‘cos they’re busted-up with anger “An’ they start scringin” Sam an’ Boysie’s angry’ Simple’ angry angry angry ‘

6. RIDDLE Which is embodied in my local church’

Threat Promise Shillyshally Truth’

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