22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 28th August 2022 22nd. Sunday in Ordinary C

  1. Sir/ECCLUS 3: 17-20, 28-29 (Why this pick ‘n mix approach?)
  • Read 3: 1-4:31 Wisdom’s exhortations about ParentsHumilityPoor!
  • Is there any ‘teaching’ in this excerpt that is not ‘questionable?’

That the meek are more esteemed than the Ostentatious?

That Yahweh desires the Humility of ThePowerful?

That ‘Pride’ (what’s that?) is a fatal illness in a person!

That alert critical attention is the norm for all!

  1. THE PSALM 67: 4-7 10-11 (Such meagre rejoicing)!
  • Read 67(68) 1-35 One of the greatest ShoutPsalms of all! A programmatic Manifesto of ‘Israel’sCharism!’ Replete with chauvinistic elohistic vitality!
  • WidowOrphanLonelyPrisoner!’ But is anyone actually interested in these?
  • RainLifeHome!’ Who is making these available to those who are deprived?

3. HEB 12:18-19 22-24 (Notice vv 20-21 and 24b!)

  • What is the equivalent in my local church, of

TheTheophany of Mount Sinai (Exodus 19 10-25)

TheTenWords/Deeds of Mt. Sinai (Exodus 20 1-17)

TheDarkness of Mt Sinai (Exodus 20: 18-21)

The Covenant of Mt Sinai (Exodus 24: 1-18)

  • Is there a hint here in this excerpt, that men human or divine are ‘sans pareil!’

4. LUKE 14 1, 7-14

  • ThePlaces-of-Honour!

What is the equivalent of these & who gets them, in my local church?

Who would dream of inviting TheCrippled to their dinner?

Much less positioning them in ‘ThePlaces-of-Honour!

If I did, what ‘recompence’ would I expect, at TheResurrection?

How important is ‘honour’ (& ‘shame!)’ in Northern/IrishSociety?

Do I actually find, that exhaltation is humbled & humility exhalted?

5. The presence& action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Well!’ ‘Well is right! Aw lave me alone, he took th’ biscuit above this mornin’!’‘What? More about drink drugs an’ ‘No, worse! Lucky I’d TheLittleFlower, God love ‘er, t’ lean agains’ ‘Whatdya mean, lean?’ ‘There was somethin’ in one a’ th’ readin’s, don’t ass me, they’re all like chewin’ th’ edge a’ y’r cuff! About “places of honour” ‘Oh’ ‘an’ on an’ on an’ on, like a gander wi’ a mout’ at bot’ ends!’ ‘Is places of honour like guard of honour?’ ‘It seems theyre seats up wi’ th’ snobs! Th’ man-above says, Wait till th’ call ya!’ ‘So what’s th’ sweat?’ ‘Phonsy tol’ me after, that y’r man was peeved, cos he wasn’t invited recently t’ sit up beside y’ know-who in town.’ ‘I don’t think..’ ‘An’ he nearly ate hisself in th’ car outside.’ ‘Yeah, I saw ‘im, i thought he was saying his book, whatever th’ call it!’ ‘As th’ oul’ Canon usedta say.’ ‘Aw I loved that man! “Comrades, don’t be looking for no high places! They’ll be th’ first, th’ mighty wi’ feet a’ clay, t’ be toppled from their pedestals! From womb t’ tomb, stay humble!!” ‘An’ he practised every word he preached! Aw, we lost a saint when we lost that man! Aw, boys a’ boys!’

6. RIDDLE Who are the important people in my church?

Clergy Women Divorcees Children

Cripples Gays & Lesbians Religious or…?

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