2nd Sunday of Easter Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 11th April 2021(’00): 2nd SUN of EASTER OCTAVE OF EASTER DAY : B

1  AA4:32-35

  • Read 3:1-4:37! TheLeaders, ThePreaching, TheOpposition, TheCommunalConversion!
  • But is this any more real, or more paradigmatic for now, than a 1st Century opera?
  • The social&religious&economic order-of-things imagined in this excerpt, Where is all or any of this happening in myChurch or Community? How much of it would even be contemplated (except maybe in Peru!)? Isn’t it great that St.VdeP&Trocaire have relieved our anxiety about it all?
  • So, in what ways may ‘The ContemporaryChurch’ be throwing dust in my eyes, by promoting archaic ‘wishful thinking’, instead of the ‘struggle-for-adult-faith’?

2   THE PSALM:  117:2-4, 15-18, 22-24

  • Read 117(118):1-29! A noteworthy ‘victory-song’, overflowing with ‘Yahweh-ambivalence’?
  • In 50 words, construct a ‘portrait’ of Yahweh from this full-psalm!
  • ‘Those who fear Yahweh!’ Those who resolutely embody ThePrioritiesOfYahweh!
  • The5PrioritiesOfYahweh’ &What is the localChurch of Armagh doing about them?

3    1JN5 1-6

  • ‘Love!’ What seems to be the meaning of this in 1JN? In 20words, what is it in my living?
  • ‘TheChrist!’ TheOne inspired by Yahweh to actualise the total freedom of each one!
  • In my experience, what is the ‘world’ that is to be ‘overcome’?
  • How can I discern whether this writer lives in the ‘real’ or a ‘fantasy’ world?
  • In 20 words can I summarise my ‘faith? How many others actively share this with me?

4   JN20:19-31

  • Today, what are the 5GreatFears of ‘disciples’ & What are they doing abouit it?
  • Why doesn’t Jesus approach&assert Himself like this in our Eucharistic? Or does He?
  • What 3Criteria have ‘disciples’ got for checking if it’s truly ‘TheLord’ that’s there?
  • Is there a conflict between ‘those who believe without seeing’ , & ‘those who see without believing’, & ‘those who want to check it out’, & ‘those who couldn’t care less’?
  • In what way has my belief that “Jesus-is-theChrist’ actually ’empowered-me-with-life’?

5    The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

   ‘This mornin’ at Mass”, ‘What?’ he was goin’ on about Doubtin’ Thomas!’ ‘Who?’ ‘How he couldn’t believe them about the man-above! “Don’t be like Doubtin’ Thomas!”, he said, “He was a goner, on’y for OurLord came back &showed hisself til ‘im!”!  ‘Showed hisself?’?  ‘Yeah, wounds, blood, ever’thin’!’ ‘But did the man-above not bleed t’ death? How’d he manage t’ come back.’ ‘A miracle, he told us’ “Our Divine Lord’s greatest miracle!” An’ didn’t even Doubtin’ Thomas hisself say it, like at the consecration, “My Lord an’ my god!” Tho’ I mus’ say’ ‘Th’ oul’ Canon cappt it all, th’ day he made his socialist assertion, “A spoonful down the street beats a bucketful up in the chapel!” An’ he ‘Aw y’re right, I loved that man! He put Doubtin’ Thomas as an’ the whole shebang o’ them in their place! Aw, don’t be talkin’…!


                  The best contemporary witness to Jesus’ relevance? The Church, The Adult

                  Disciple, Religious Art, CapitalistDemocracy, NewAgeSpirituality?

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