Easter Day of the Lord’s Resurrection Cycle B 2021 (’00)

        Sunday 4th April 2021 (’00) Easter Day of the Lord’s Resurrection: B

1. AA10.34, 37-43

  • Read 10: 1-48! TheVoice&Cornelius&Peter! &How It entered each man!
  • What is ‘TheHolyBreath?’ &Why is it associated with ‘HearingTheWord?’
  • Why do we generally call this Agency ‘TheSpirit’ rather than ‘TheBreath?’
  • How did the dying of the last ‘witness-to Him’ affect the ‘preaching-about-Him?’
  • Where in my community are important public leaders evangelised in their home?
  • In language-of-today, what was Cornelius looking-for, and Peter-offering?

2. THE PSALM  117:1-2, 16-17, 22-23

  • Read 117(118): !-29 Song of one rescued in dire straits by Yahweh’s intervention!
  • Why am I given such a manicured nosegay of verses? For apologetics? Or piety?
  • In view of Christians’ claims, and appropriation of their Bible, how do contemporary Jews
  • Understand & sing about ‘Yahweh,’  ‘His love has no-end!’?
  • ‘CornerStone!’: The large stone that is placed where two walls meet, to bind them!
  • Who or what functions as ‘cornerstone’ for myCommunity?
  • What are the 5PrincipalWays in which ‘Yahweh is good’ in my world?

3. COL.1-4

  • What are the 3ChiefDifferences between ‘HeavenlyThings’ & ‘EarthlyThings?
  • In order of importance for me, what are ‘The 3 Heavenly,’ & The 3 ‘Earthly Things?’
  • This, ‘hidden-true-life-with-Christ,’ what assures me that I actually have it?

4.  1COR5.6-8

  • Can he presuppose knowledge of JewishFestivals&Customs in his Greek readers?
  • How do I symbolically at Easter shed the old&rotten&clinging bits of my religion?
  • How is sincerity&truth being modelled&inculcated in IrishSociety

5.    John 20: 1-9

  • Read 20: 1-31! Various facets of the struggle of TheChristianChurch!
  • Especially, how to value different ‘Seeings’ & ‘Embidyings’ of TheLordJesus?
  • Why is ‘TheEmptyTomb’ so important in the early narrations-of- faith?
  • How do ‘cloths in an empty tomb’ suggest or underpin faith in His’Rising?’
  • Why is Magdalene’s hypothesis of a ‘stolen body’ not directly explored?
  • ’RiseFromTheDead!’ In 20 words, what is my Understanding&Experience of this?

6.    The presence & action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

TheOfficialBeliever & ThePractisingSceptic met by arrangement on Easter Sunday night for drinks,& a chat! ‘An’ no argy-bargy now!, said TheOfficialBeliever! ‘No argy-bargy!’, dutifully answered the other… Punctually they arrived at the hotel, exchanged greetings, ordered drinks. ‘Well now,’ sighed TheOfficialBeliever, ‘that’s that for another year!’ ‘That’s what?’ ‘The rounds of HolyWeek, people&things to be remembered.’ ‘Was there anything spiritual in it this year?’‘The usual celebrating ThePaschalMystery, ThePilgrimage of  ThePeople of God…’ ‘But, over & above what you call the-usual?’ What else is there? What I said, that’s it!’‘Ok! Sip that there while I say what I mean! This year I looked carefully at the sky, at the earth around me, at the earth beyond the horizon, at my total self past&present&future, at science&religion&literature, at you & your world view…’  ‘And…’ ‘And I said, great! Not only order but design! Not only design but beauty! Not only beauty but potential of freedom-for-all!’ great great great!’

7. Riddle: TheResurrection! OldBody? NewBody? Or Yahweh-at-large?        

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