3rd Sunday of Lent Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 7 March 2021 (’00): 3rdSUN of LENT: B


  • Apart from ‘Yahweh’. which other ‘gods’ does TheBible refer to, or hint at?
  • Why Yahweh, tho’ a ‘divinity’, so ‘jealous’ as to pursue ‘the father’s fault’ down
  • the generations! &Apparently so affected by the existence&attitudes of  ‘Others’?
  • What, the equivalent nowadays of the ‘misuse’ of ‘TheNameOfYahweh’?
  • Especially if the term ‘name’ in TheBible can mean something like ‘power’!
  • Is ‘power-of-Yahweh’ still being ‘misused’, by not being used, or even admitted?
  • Why is ‘HonourFather&Mother’ emphasised, &linked with possession of TheLand?

 2.THE PSALM : 18:8-11

  • Read 8(9) 1-6, 7-14! TwoHymns! One for Nature, One for Yahweh’sCommands!
  • ‘TheLawRulePreceptsCommandFearDecreesOfYahweh!’: Where are they now?
  • Aren’t the pious sentiments of this excerpt doomed by their uncritical assurance?
  • Does the tendency to flatter ‘God/TheLord’ leave us vulnerable in other contexts?
  • The ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ style&language here, what is the equivalent in my world?

3. lCORl:22-25

  • Read 1:10 2:15! Paul explores the wise-foolishness of a ‘CrucifiedMessiah’!
  • ‘Jews&Greeks all wrong, &Christians all right’? Or must truth be more nuanced?
  • What convinces me that I’ve been ‘called’, &have embraced a ‘crucifiedChrist’?
  • How could I distinguish between God’s ‘Foolishness&Wisdom, Weakness&Power’?
  • In my world, is ‘Christ’ foolishness or weakness or power or wisdom or what?

4. JN2:13-15

  • His ‘prophetic gesture’ in TheTemple precincts, what would be the equivalent now?
  • What of the claim that it was His attack on TempleServices that led to HisDeath?
  • In whose interest is the maintenance of ‘temple services’ in myCommunity?
  • ‘House!’: What if ‘TheFather’sHouse’ is really TheDisciples or ThePoor?
  • How intimate with TheBible are contemporary disciples?

5. The presence& action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘By behest of HisBlessedness Caiaphas, HighPriest of TheLord’sTemple in Jerusalem! Report for HisExcellency Pontius Pilatus, Roman Procurator of Judea! Delivered by Shime’on The Levite! Approaching TheFullMoon of Nisan!The peasant Yeshua from Nazareth in Galilee, leader of a small dissident group of itinerant preachers, has doubtless never come to your Excellency’s notice before now! Nor indeed, to the notice of my own honoured Superiors! except the word that he was for a brief time a follower of the troublemaker Yochanaan, nicknamed Baptiser… Since you are currently in residence in TheHolyCity, in order to secure TheTemple & its Outposts, from disorder during TheFestival of TheLamb-of-Freedom, my honoured Superiors have deemed 1t appropriate to acquaint you of the affray involving the said Yeshua, which he perpetrated in ThePrecincts of TheLord’sTemple in Jerusalem! He raised his voice, he bared his arm, he scattered the animals destined for TheLord’s Service, &the offerings destined for TheLord’sTreasury, speaking words of unacceptable defiance! Humbly, my honoured Superiors suggest to YourDignity that You&They should take a common stand on this, &summarily destroy such abomination in our Land! We await your word on this! In confidence!!’

6. RIDDLE The basis of my life? LawTempleWisdomChrist or ‘CulturedPhilistinism’?

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