4th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

            Sunday 31st January 2021 (‘00)  4th Sunday in Ordinary Time: B  

1. DEUT 18: 15-20 (& what about vv21-22!)

  • Read 18: 1-22! But who is speaking nowadays in place of ‘Yahweh’?
  • ’LikeMyself!’ Briefly,  what are the 20 ‘RecognitionalCharacteristics’ of Moses?
  • How might I recognise a ‘Speaking&DoingChannelOf Yahweh’ in myCommunity?
  • Or trust someone who drones out, ‘This is TheWord ofTheLord!’
  • In whose interest is it, that ThePeople should fear Yahweh’s ‘Thunder & Lightning?’

2. The Psalm 94: 1-2, 6-9

  • Read 94(95) 1-11! A flatteringShout, followed by a threateningWhisper!
  • How might  ‘YahwehtheRock’ bring about my ‘Salvation’ or ‘Victory’?
  • ’ SingKneelBendLow! : But does He demand or benefit from, such ‘Worship?’
  • Meribah=Quarrel! Read Num 20 1-13! But who was really listening to whom?
  • Why was Yahweh so sensitive& averse to being ‘Tempted/Tested?

3. 1Cor 7 : 32-35

  • In 30words, what is my own understanding of Paul’s phrase, ‘TheLord’sAffairs?’
  • Why does he think that ‘being married’ prevents ‘devotion to TheLord’sAffairs?’
  • If he hadn’t thought ‘TheEnd’ was near, would he have written like this?
  • In myCommunity is ‘Marriage’ still regarded as an obstacle to ‘Holiness?’
  • To what extent, & how, was the understanding of ‘marriage’ transformed by VAT II?
  • Is it possible, or desirable, to give my ‘undivided attention to the Lord’?

4. Mark 1: 21-28

  • What’s the equivalent now, of someone ‘Teaching in the Synagogue on TheSabbath’?
  • By what means was Jesus able to calm the distraught man?
  • What images and stories from TheJewishBible are evoked by ThisHealingNarrative?
  • Unclean Spirit! : Biblical personification of factors that contribute to illness!
  • Can I name 5 who embody ‘authority’ in the sense suggested by this narrative?
  • By what means, & for what purposes, are adults being ‘taught’ in myChurch?
  • Where did Jesus learn the skills&techniques of ‘Healing&Teaching&Praying’?

5. The Presence & Action of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

Cissie:  Gertie, d’ya know something?

Gertie:  No, Cissie, tell us!

Cissie:  The way you’d be hearin’ a thing for years’ but not hearin’ it at all…Like a dummy! Well, at Saturda’ Mass las’night, I gotta ‘nawful shock.

Gertie:  God, Cissie, I was there meself, but I never…

Cissie:  Gertie, I musta heard that thing a million times…but it never registered, did it? When Our DivineLord talked-ruff to the man in the synagogue, he went inta convulsions…

Gertie:  Who?

Cissie:   an started shoutin’ like a poor nutcase!

Gertie:  Cissie, didja hear right?  wasn’t it the devil did it, not OurLord! Sure, He was on’y tryin’ to be of assistance! May the divine assistance…

Cissie:  No Gertie! I beg t’differ! He musta been a sinner really, an’ when he heard the voice of OurLord, his conscience was thrown inta convulsions!


Gertie:  Y’re right about one thing, Cissie! F y’want t’be meetin’ OurLord, there must be no sin on y’r  sowl! Otherwise, y’re much better off with his DivineMother! She def’nitely never sent no one inta convulsions!


Cissie:  God, Gertie, that’s th’  best ever! Oratre-fratres! The whole caboodle in one eggshell! Ah, boys a’ boys!!

6. RIDDLE: Listening! But to what? The Gospel? Conscience? TheMagesterium? TheOppressed? TheMedia? Or?

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