4th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

            Sunday 31st January 2021 (‘00)  4th Sunday in Ordinary Time: B  

1. DEUT 18: 15-20 (& what about vv21-22!)

  • Read 18: 1-22! But who is speaking nowadays in place of ‘Yahweh’?
  • ’LikeMyself!’ Briefly,  what are the 20 ‘RecognitionalCharacteristics’ of Moses?
  • How might I recognise a ‘Speaking&DoingChannelOf Yahweh’ in myCommunity?
  • Or trust someone who drones out, ‘This is TheWord ofTheLord!’
  • In whose interest is it, that ThePeople should fear Yahweh’s ‘Thunder & Lightning?’

2. The Psalm 94: 1-2, 6-9

  • Read 94(95) 1-11! A flatteringShout, followed by a threateningWhisper!
  • How might  ‘YahwehtheRock’ bring about my ‘Salvation’ or ‘Victory’?
  • ’ SingKneelBendLow! : But does He demand or benefit from, such ‘Worship?’
  • Meribah=Quarrel! Read Num 20 1-13! But who was really listening to whom?
  • Why was Yahweh so sensitive& averse to being ‘Tempted/Tested?

3. 1Cor 7 : 32-35

  • In 30words, what is my own understanding of Paul’s phrase, ‘TheLord’sAffairs?’
  • Why does he think that ‘being married’ prevents ‘devotion to TheLord’sAffairs?’
  • If he hadn’t thought ‘TheEnd’ was near, would he have written like this?
  • In myCommunity is ‘Marriage’ still regarded as an obstacle to ‘Holiness?’
  • To what extent, & how, was the understanding of ‘marriage’ transformed by VAT II?
  • Is it possible, or desirable, to give my ‘undivided attention to the Lord’?

4. Mark 1: 21-28

  • What’s the equivalent now, of someone ‘Teaching in the Synagogue on TheSabbath’?
  • By what means was Jesus able to calm the distraught man?
  • What images and stories from TheJewishBible are evoked by ThisHealingNarrative?
  • Unclean Spirit! : Biblical personification of factors that contribute to illness!
  • Can I name 5 who embody ‘authority’ in the sense suggested by this narrative?
  • By what means, & for what purposes, are adults being ‘taught’ in myChurch?
  • Where did Jesus learn the skills&techniques of ‘Healing&Teaching&Praying’?

5. The Presence & Action of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

Cissie:  Gertie, d’ya know something?

Gertie:  No, Cissie, tell us!

Cissie:  The way you’d be hearin’ a thing for years’ but not hearin’ it at all…Like a dummy! Well, at Saturda’ Mass las’night, I gotta ‘nawful shock.

Gertie:  God, Cissie, I was there meself, but I never…

Cissie:  Gertie, I musta heard that thing a million times…but it never registered, did it? When Our DivineLord talked-ruff to the man in the synagogue, he went inta convulsions…

Gertie:  Who?

Cissie:   an started shoutin’ like a poor nutcase!

Gertie:  Cissie, didja hear right?  wasn’t it the devil did it, not OurLord! Sure, He was on’y tryin’ to be of assistance! May the divine assistance…

Cissie:  No Gertie! I beg t’differ! He musta been a sinner really, an’ when he heard the voice of OurLord, his conscience was thrown inta convulsions!


Gertie:  Y’re right about one thing, Cissie! F y’want t’be meetin’ OurLord, there must be no sin on y’r  sowl! Otherwise, y’re much better off with his DivineMother! She def’nitely never sent no one inta convulsions!


Cissie:  God, Gertie, that’s th’  best ever! Oratre-fratres! The whole caboodle in one eggshell! Ah, boys a’ boys!!

6. RIDDLE: Listening! But to what? The Gospel? Conscience? TheMagesterium? TheOppressed? TheMedia? Or?

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  1. Is it possible, or desirable, to give my ‘undivided attention to the Lord’?
    This question reminds me of the story Tom used to tell about Brigid. Brendan came to vist her and talked about his efforts to stay always in the presence of the Lord. Brigid told him “Since I first got to know God I have never been out of his presence” (or words to that effect!) Brendan was quite taken aback….!
    It echoes so many facets of different practices I use especially trying to live mindfully through being present to every action I do including the most mundane.. But even more, if brings to mind the struggle to stay ‘present ‘ during the practice of Centering prayer – the knife-edge place of acknowledging what comes up in inner silence and immediately letting it go or surrendering whatever arises into God’s mysterious real presence.

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