5th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 7th February 2021 (’00)  5th Sunday in Ordinary Time:  B

1       Job7  1-4,  6-7   (But why did Job want v 5?)

  • Read 6.1  –  7. 21 “Job the innocent sufferer”  His indignation with Yahweh!
  • What are the 15 Kinds –of- Suffering that I or others are currently enduring?
  • What is my best statement of the Origin&Nature&Purpose of “suffering”?
  • What are the 10 Principal Ways of dealing with “suffering in Irish society?
  • What if real intimacy with The Book Of Job is essential for all “sufferers”?

2    The Psalm   146  1 – 6

  • Read 146(147) 1 – 20  Praise for “Yahweh-of-many-Impressive Portfolios”
  • From my experience as adult Christian, what assures that “Yahweh is good” ?
  • In 20 words, what is Yahweh’s “Wisdom that can never be measured” ?
  • Yahweh was responsible for Job’s Wounds’ but who was it healed them ?

3    1Cor9  16 – 19,  22 – 23

  • Read 9  1 – 27 “He explores the Costs&Benefits&Outcomes of his Apostleship”
  • To what extent has “The Good News” risked becoming a restricted commodity?
  • Can I name 5 “Apostles” or “Disciples” who think and behave like Paul here ?
  • How seriously is the remuneration of “non- clerical” ministries being addressed ?
  • In 35 words, my imagination of how Paul actually “preached the gospel” ?
  • Slave-for The Slave! Weak-for The Weak! : What sort of subversive ministry is this ?
  • What’d he say if I challenged him, “Paul, that’s all mere rhetorical flourishes!” ?

4   MK1 29 – 39

  • In this excerpt, what elements of a “pattern of ministry” for an adult disciple ?
  • Why did He seem to suppress the “devils, their knowledge of Him” ?
  • What if the storyteller reckoned, only some knowledge of Jesus is “kosher” ?
  • Is any similar “veto” on “knowledge of Jesus” being applied in my church ?
  • “Why I came”. When and how does He come to my Community? & What-perform ?
  • If I wanted Jesus, where would I search for Him, nowadays? &Recognise Him then!

5  The presence and action of the Blessed One, is it like this ?
“Listen, above this morning”  “Aw, y’needn’t tell me! Feedin’ the ducks as usual, I suppose”  “ .. I was down atSt Jude’s shrine, me favourite place, sorta half there.” “Sure I know! Waiting for the messiah”!”  “.. when suddenly, I nearly fell outa me stannin”  “Someone winked atcha?”  “nothing like that! Listen, he mentioned th’oul’ Canon” “What.?” “The first time in 12 years, someone said” “Aw look’a!” “An’ listen t’ what he said, I have it word from word” ‘cos I knew it’d be like manna from Heaven fo’ ya!  “Today’s readings move me to recall the late Canon Raphael, aptly named,, & of pious memory, & a legend in his day for prayer and healing& fasting” He would be 100 years ordained today! Apart from his onerous priestly duties, he devoted all his time and energy to healing, by God’s concomitant grace, all the sick, man woman child & beast, in all the 5 parishes!”  “Y’did well now, t’remember all that so good!” “I was always a dab at me po’try” “But tell us, did he say that th’oul’ Canon was a socialist too? & never took a brass penny, just like the-man-above, for any of his therapeutic labours?” “Nah” “Well, credit where credit is due” but he left out the most important thing” “Why’s that?” “God howdya imagine else he done what he done? “cos he done it all for free! Bein’ a socialist, he done it all for love!”

6 Riddle   Whose suffering is most vital? Mine, Yours, Jesus’,
                 The Friend’s, The Enemy’s, or what?

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