4th Sunday of Easter Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 25 April 2021 (’00): 4thSUNofEASTER: B

Day of Prayer for Vocations
1 AA4 8-12

  • How would I know that someone, say myself, was ‘Filled with TheHolySpirit’?
  • ‘Name! ‘ Not to be unaware that ‘name’ biblically means something like ‘power’!
  • “Why do I still think that it’s only ‘JewishLeaders’ who ‘reject’ the power of Jesus?
  • ‘Salvation!’: Total-Identity with ThePrioritiessStrugglesDestiny of a ‘divinity”
  • Which other ‘divinities’ are currently offering ‘salvation’?
  • If Jesus became ‘ThcKeystone’ of myLife&Work, what would ThcCost&Benefits be?
  • Who, ‘filled with HolySpirit’, is currently challenging the leaders of IrishChurch&Society?

2. THE PSALM : 117.1, 8-9, 21-23, 26, 28-29

  • Read 117(118) 1-29! The VictoryShout of someone Faithful-to-Yahweh’
  • What grounds have I got, for ‘trusting-in-Yahweh’, rather than in, say, my religious or political leaders? Or my family or friends? Or my peer-group? Or guru?

3 1JN3:1-2

  • ‘God’s!Children!’ What 5Associations do I make with this strange phrase?
  • ”Like-Him!’· What if  inwardly&hiddenly&unacknowledgably, we are ‘alreadyGod’?
  • What of the assertion, that ‘God’ is a dense way of saying ‘OurSharedFuture’?
  • ‘In what 4Ways is my&our’Future’ already being ‘revealed’?

4 JNlO 11-18

  • Read10 1-18! Some layers of the riddle, ‘Who loves sheep more, wolf or shepherd?’!
  • ‘Why are ‘shepherds’ so significant in TheBible? (Read once-again! EZEK34!!) ‘But, if the contemporary resonances of ‘shepherd&sheep’ have radically changed, &so, left ‘pastoral’ titles&initiatives&structures somewhat vacuous?
  • What ‘shepherd’ ever grants ‘freedom’ to ‘sheep’, whatever about ‘laying down his life”
  • OtherSheep Yes, Protestants&Co! but what of ThePoor, Gays, TheDivorced, for-starters?

5 The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

In the aftermath of the Church’s celebration of the PaschalMysteries, I thought I’d bring to your attention this set of pastoral directives from the divinely-institute’ TheOfficialBeliever’s opening gambit was amiably frustrated by a sudden squeal of mock-dismay  from ThePracticingSceptic  ‘What? Aftermath? Paschal&Pastoral! Speak limpidly please, to this simple sod1 Why are you concealing from me the chronic conspiracy of sheep&hireling shepherd that masquerades.’ ‘How dare you so meanmindedly spew out in my presence

your long-since disgraced atheistic’ ‘&How dare you impute to me an impoverished witlessness that better suits your own ‘ ‘More to the point, if I may be permitted, why’d you interrupt me in the first place?’ After a judicious pause, ThePractisingSceptic responded. Look’ All the moaning about vocations, there’s something in it, a germ’ but as long as the underlying rhetoric is couched ‘pastorally’ as I said, &not thoroughly explored, your

pastoral paschality will revert to stubble in the wind! Remember Carthage!!’


Which is the essential vocation? Sheep Wolf Hireling Honeyman Hackler Shepherd?

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