5th Sunday of Lent Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 21 March 2021 (’00): 5thSUN of LENT : B

1. JERJl:31-34

  • Read 31:1-40! Yahweh’sLove will restore TheExiles into a NewCovenant!
  • ‘Covenant!’ : Web of mterrelatedness charactensed by struggle to-be-for-the-other!
  • ‘ByTheHand!’: ‘TheBride or TheBlind or TheChild or TheFriend or Tbe Loiterer!
  • Where are the dynamisms of ‘covenant’ most clearly at work in myChurch?
  • How have I been enabled to understand&experience that fundamental phrase in TheEucharisticPrayer, ‘new&everlastingCovenant’? Or is it-also dispensable!
  • What if it is part of ‘Yahweh’ to be ‘Betrayed’, &so to yearn for a ‘NewCovenant’?
  • How near is myCommumty to that ‘intmacy-with-Yahweh’ promised here?
  • What makes Him think, indeed, that He’ll ever gain a totally-faithfull-People?

2 THE PSALM : 50:3-4, 12-15 (So little of this great psalm!)

  • Read 50(51):1-19! Prayer of one conscious of having broken faith with covenant!
  • What rituals of Cleansing or Restoration or Forgiveness are available to me?
  • To what extent have ancient chores of purification now become hygienic&cosmetic?
  • ‘Guilt!’: Where is this ancestral milestone nowadays? &How is it being dealt with?
  • ‘PureHeart&SteadfastBreath!‘: A disposition that is focussed&singleminded!
  • ‘Spirit!’: This reiterated evocation of ‘breath’, what is it whispering to me?

3 HEBS:7-9

  • Read 4:14 – 5:14! The struggle, offered to all disciples, to become ‘HighPriest’!
  • Where find the mitiatives&encouragements,so as to become a mature dicsciple-with-

others, who can negotiate the myriad enigmas of kinship&body&death?

  • What constructive&effectual meditation-praxis am I faithfully bringing-forth?
  • How could taking on a lifestyle like His produce ‘Perfection&Salvation?
  • What biblical role-models did Jesus have, to understand&address ‘suffering’?

4 JN12:20-30

  • Read 12:1-50! To walk His Path in ‘Life’! but hold-on, is it too costly? _

(‘Cos if I merely fall on the ground, &die, won’t pigs just trample this foolish acorn!1)

  • In myChurch, which 5DifferentParadigms of ‘Jesus’ are being offered to me?
  • In 25words, can I offer a hint of ‘MyGreatDestiny’?
  • In IrishSociety, how is ‘TheCrucifix’ perceived by Artists, Media, &Market?
  • If He ‘chose HisDeath’ in any sense, why ‘crucifixion’?

5 The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Gertie, I often wonder about our DivineLord, but I  hardly  never  mention  it  t’  no one…’ ‘God Cissie, is it somethin’ , y’ know, like ..’ ‘No, not that sorta thing at all!’ ‘Aw, wow! y’ mean just…’ ‘No, it’s this, was he right at all..’ ‘Oh…’ ‘No, wait til I get It out proper! I believe he was God, an’ all that! came down from heaven, died for us all on good friday…’ ‘Why’d they call it that?’  ‘…no sweat  about  that  side of  it,  game-ball!’ ‘So, what..’ ‘I mean, sorta, how’ll I say this, Sacred Heart  gimme  a  break,  I  mean, sorta, right in th’ bead! Y’ see what  I mean, who  can  y’ say it  nl?  Sacred  Heart gimme a  break!’  ‘OurLord?  not  right  in th’  head?  where’s  yer  marbles,  Cissie?’  ‘That’s what I knew y’d say!’ ‘Well, after all…’  ‘It  came  t’  me at  Mass  again las’ Sunday’  He said, “Y’ have t’ be like a seed o’ wheat  that  falls  onta  the  ground!  otherwise  nothin’ doin’!”‘  I see yer drift..’ ‘Isn’t that some spake  now,  Gerie?’  ‘It  surely is,  Cissie!  I think that calls for another measure o’ stimulation! My tum t’ order .’

6 RIDDLE Suffering! AvoidEmbraceEndureTransmuteDeny?

Refections and comments can be emailed to adbi@chokmah.ie

Refections and comments can be emailed to adbi@chokmah.ie