Passion Sunday (also called Palms) Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 28th March 2021 Passion Sunday (also called Palms): B


  • Read1SAM6 1-7:2  When Yahweh’s ark returns, who mourns, who rejoices?
  • Read ZECH 9:1-17! Messianic songs! Jingoistic & hopeful! Side by side with ‘The Blood of the Covenant,’ aren’t these filled with all kinds of bloody fantasies!
  • TheFirstDay of TheHolyWeek, how much enthusiasm and cooperation He gets! Why?

2. THE EUCHARIST : IS50: 4-7 (What about vv8-9?)

  • Read The4ChantsOfYahweh’sSlave! 42:1-4, 49:1-6, 50:4-9, 52:13=53:12!
  • Who Called Used Supported Betrayed Vindicated TheSlave? & all for what?
  • Apart from Jesus, can I name 5Jews or Christians who have been inspired by this?
  • ‘TheLord/I!’ : In a sense, the struggle is Yahweh’s, the struggle is TheDisciple’s!
  • In CommonCovenant, what is my community doing for The Tortured & Molested?

3. THE PSALM : 21:8-9, 17-20, 23-24 (Another psalm shamelessly shredded!)

  • Read aloud, with a friend, 21(22): 1-31 NecessaryBeginning to NecessaryEnding!
  • What a great imagining, that Jesus chanted this preeminent prayer in HisDying!
  • Perhaps this is another song of Yahewh’s Slave? Could I write one of my own?
  • What of the impression, that Yahweh is strong-to-call, but weak to fulfil?
  • So, unless  ‘YahwehPeople’  collaborate-for-power, what hope for ThePoor?

4. PHIL 2: 6-11

  • Why is this one of the most quoted songs in the whole Bible? In contemporary, non-rhetorical language, what’s being claimed about Jesus?
  • If  ‘part-of-God’ went-down-into-death! & was subsequently re-assumed into
  • ‘ God’sWholeness!’  what difference does that make to Jesus?  Or to me?
  • What other ancient mythologies of  ‘Going downward & ReturningUpward?’


  • Note the behaviour of the disciples, female&male, individually&collectively!
  • What ‘passover resonances’ can be detected right through this narrative?
  • Among all the characters, who endured-with-Him in undiminished fidelity?
  • Apart from myself, does anyone in this narrative ‘understand Him’ at all?
  • What  GreatHint is offered to me in this story for the rest of TheHolyWeek?
  • Granted Jesus! Who is by far the most significant character in this passion?

6. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

 I know you often wonder, at least when the anniversary of that unforgettable Pesach comes round the seasons once again, who the woman was, who anointed TheFriend with nard during the Meal! Was it Maryam or Salome? Or the other, maybe what you call a sinner, who wandered from the street into TheLeper’s house, on the make? Hear this now! This nard was greatest of all my gifts to TheFriend, whether before or during or after HisDying! If you value the holiness&beauty of TheSong of Shelomo&Shumammite, If you value the fragrant presences of TheBlessedOne, especially if you know and value the Intimacies of TheFriend, you will realise… I knew well the never-abated resentment, & the pious protestations, and the hardly-veiled rejection of theFriend! But what sustained me then and now in my undismayed fidelity was the great deepness of my passion-for-rightness! & in a still mysterious way, TheFriend’s speaking-forth on my behalf into that chaos of darker passion! Think of me again, &wonder, was TheFriend ever heard, let alone heeded?

7. Riddle:  From whom will I learn most? Jesus Donkey Yahweh Barabbas Pilate?

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