6th Sunday of Easter Cycle A 2023 (’08)

Sunday 14th May 2023 (’08) : 6thSUNofEASTER

1. AA8:5-8, 14-17!

Is ‘preaching’ more fruitful if accompanied by ‘miracles’?

2. PS65:1-7, 16, 20!

Since before, &during my life, what has ‘God-Done-for-MySoul’?

Am I asking Him to enable my local chuch to become more ‘real’?

3. 1PET3:15-18!

What is TheHope-that-is-In-Me? What are My10Reasons-for-ThisHope?

4. JN14:15-21!

‘I-in-MyFather, You-in-Me, &I-in-You’! What a vision! &TheKey-is-Love!!


What is ThePurpose-of-MyLife-on-ThisPlanet? Save-MySoul?

Absolutely-Enjoy-MySelf? Be-a-Healer-of-All?

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