Ascension of the Lord Cycle A 2023 (’08)

Sunday 21 May 2023 (’08) : THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD : A


(&What’s being communicated? &How? &By-whom? &To-whom?

&On whose behalf? &Is it intelligible? &Anyone being excluded?)

1. AA1:1-11!

How has HisHolyBreath come to me, &enabled me to be HisWitness everywhere I go?

2. PS46:2-3, 6-9!

‘King-over-All-TheEarth’! So as to BringHealing-to-All-through-HisLovers!! Wow!!

3. EPH1:17-23!

Does being Followers-of-Christ make us ‘BigDeal’? Or HappyContinuers-of-HisWork?

4. MT28:16-20!

‘Make-Disciples-of-Everyone’! Not merely ‘ObedientClones’, but ‘Prophets&Healers’!

‘I-Am-with-You-Always’! ‘I-Am’, TheCompassionateOne, YearningEmbodiment!


Why TheEmphasis-on-HisAscension’? A narrative of divine honour? Left space for TheDisciples-to-Open-TheirCharisms? Opened onto TheDescent-of-TheHolyBreath?

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