Ascension of The Lord Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 16 May 2021 (’00)   ASCENSION OF THE LORD


1. AAl 1-11

  • Why is there so little about ‘WomenApostles or Disciples’ in LK’s 2nd volume (AA)? “
  • ‘TakenUpToHeaven!’· Read GENS 1824 (Enoch!), 2K2:l-18 (Elijah!)
  • TheHolySpiri t!  The divine action imagined as irresistibleBreath or Wind!
  • Which inspires, or in which disciples are ‘plunged’, or that ‘invests’ them with ‘power’!
    “Insofar as TheHolyBreath is active in myCommunity, what ‘power’ is asked or given?

2. THE PSALM 46·2-3, 6-9

  • Read 46(47):       1 – 9(10)’ A litany of flatteringShouts for a TempleProcession!
  • What is the purpose (&fruit!) of ‘praise for God’? &For ‘divine’ human rulers!
  • ‘AllTheEarth/TheNations” Surely one root of the ‘missionary/colonial’ mindset!

3 EPHl.17-23

  • How did Paul create the inspirational inflated exuberant language of this excerpt?
  • Has Paul’s imagining of ‘Christ’ absorbed ‘God’, &the need for ‘God’?

Does it seem as if God could ‘retire’, &leave it all to the rule of ‘TheRisenChrist’?

4. EPH4.l-13 (Why is an optional reading offered? &A shorter form’)

  • Where can one learn nowadays the rare skills casually enumerated here by Paul?
  • Can I name 5Adults who embody these ‘virtues’ in any sense?
  • ‘Body!’ In Paul’s language, it often hints at a ‘fragile solidarity’!

5.  MK16 15-20

  • Read 16   120!   After the disturbing 16·8 (the original ‘ending”) various ‘improvements’!
  • The ‘Signs AsssociatedWithBelievers’, to what extent are these encountered in myChurch?
  • Why are these exotic quasimagical ‘powers’ given such prominence on this festival?
    In 35words, how is ‘TheAscensionNarrative’  empowering me as ‘AdultChristian’?
  • The presence &action of the Blessed One, is it like this?

MostExcellentLady! In response to your query, what sustains&fruits our  arduous  lifelabour, I make known to you our exoteric credo’ This is offered to each wombling, &gradually inculcated with gradual incarnation! Dissidence, whether covert or overt, is as valued as every other life-process!

‘As a young woman, Foundress was thus addressed, “Beloved Representative’ Begin the unfolding of our inscrutable truth!  Every mote&moment’  every coming & going! every bone & blood & breath! every dynasism! whatever familiar & outlandish & ambivalent! Nurture, &be-nurtured-by, this interwoven necessary totalitv!” &Foundress chanted, Yes to all &Yes to every nuance”‘

The remaining 60Years of HerAllottedTime, Foundress laboured  to  incarnate  this  exoteric/ credo’ & at HerDanceAway left it to HerCollaborators’! WithBlessing! TheMother ***

7.    RIDDLE

Which is most in need of ‘rehabilitation’?

His’Baptism’, ‘Death’, Raising, GoingUp’, or ‘Return’?

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