Pentecost Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 23 May 2021 (’00) B: PENTECOST SUNDAY

1. AA2:1-11

  • What warrant was there for adding the word ‘apostles’ to AA2:1? Read 1 15 – 2 47!
  • ‘EveryNation”: So what about Chinese&Bantu&Eskimos&ToryIslanders?
  • ‘Spirit”    The power depends on BeingFilledWith,Speaking&Listening, ‘HolyBreath’!
  • Why is it taken for granted (as elsewhere!) that no women were dynamically-present?
  • &If this is another set-piece, deploying People&Structures&Discourses of ‘Power’?
  • Why has ‘TheSacramentOfConfirmation’ become so relatively vacuous&irrelevant?
  • Which? Many-languages, one-truth? Or, many-truths, one-language? Or.  (GENl1!)

2. THE PSALM :103·1, 24, 2931, 34 (A paltry begrudgement!)

  • Read 103(104):1-34! What a zestful ecologically-friendly Yahwistic fantasy!
  • ‘Spirit”: Where is ‘Yahweh’sBreath received? &Why is it reckoned to be so crucial?
  • Why has ‘Christianity’ (&Its ‘offspring’ Colonialism&Capitalism&CultivatedPhilistinism &Conservatism) had such a pathetic record in the broad questions of Ecology&Cosmology?
  • In 40words, could I offer a resume of contemporary ‘Darwinian science’?

3. GALS:16-25

  • Read 4:21 – 6·10! In my world what’s the concrete equivalent of ‘Law’ & ‘Flesh’ & ‘Spirit’?
  • ‘InheritTheKmgdom!’: Actually embodywith-others the rhetoric of  ‘FruitsOfTheSpirit’
  • If he was aware of what we call ‘TheUnconscious’, how would he express&deal-with it?
  • Apart from lists&exhortations, how do I know if I’m led by ‘spirit’ or ‘self-indulgence’?
  • ‘In 45words, Paul’s ‘spirituality’, insofar as it’s reflected in this excerpt?

4. JNl5:26-27, 16:12-15

  • Can I glimpse here, what was later formulated as ‘TheHoly&UndividedTrinity’?
  • Pragmatically, which of the ‘ThreePersons’ is most valued&referredto in myCommunity?
  • ‘TheCompleteTruth!’: How do I understand&experience this elusive ‘state-of-affairs’?
  • To what extent will this ‘truth’ also comprise ‘scientific&aesthetic truth’, for instance?
  • Has any system or group or savant a ‘monopoly’ or similar ‘hen’ on TheSpirit? ‘
  • ‘Spirit!’: Read JER3l .31-34! EZEK37·1-14! JOELl·1 – 3.21!

5. The    presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

About TheHolySpirit..!   ThePractisingSceptic was admirably tentative!   ‘You mean, I presume, TheThird Person of TheHoly & UndividedTrinity?’ TheOfficialBeliever was pedantic, ironically perhaps! ‘I mean to explore the biblical expression…’ ‘So. ‘ ‘Well, John seems to imagine it coming through Jesus on EasterDay. ‘ ‘Not imagine, recount!’ ‘ . while Luke in Acts has it descending at Pentecost, over a month later!’ ‘So? Surely TheEconomic Trinity isn’t confined to just one day, in its Opera-ad-Extra’ ‘ ‘My real quandary is this, however1  What evidence is  there, of any such dynamism  among contemporary  Christians?’ Are you serious? Open your eyes! TheTrueChurch…! ‘. is like a sleeping budgie about to fall off its perch!’ ‘Outrageous’ Ad hommem! get your head out of the sand, if you can! &make your  peace with truth! Then your fabrications about TheSpirit will evanesce!  &all will  be. ‘ ‘. merely, pious breath!!’

6. RIDDLE Which is best? Truth or Life or Love or Self?

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