Pentecost Sunday Cycle A 2023 (’08)

Sunday 28 May 2023 (’08) : PENTECOST

(Pentecost=Shevuôth! Feast-of-Sevens=Weeks : FiftyDays-after-Passover)

(&Look! OurLady-of-Fatima on Tuesday!)

1. AA2:1-11!

‘TheApostles’! Did that include WomenApostles, like MaryMagdalene? Or does it reflect the early masculinising of the various aspects of development of ‘TheChurch’?

2. PS103:1, 24, 29-31, 34 (More pick ‘n’ choose!)

We remember, that ‘spirit=breath’! So, in what ways am I valuing the gift of every breath? &Using my breath as consciously&compassionately as I can, for all?

3. 1COR12:3-7, 12-13!

I was taught to rhyme-off ‘TheSevenGifts-of-TheHolyGhost’! How was I enabled to actualise them as Rules&Skills&Resources-of-MyLife-as-Disciple?


Earnest rhetoric indeed! Full of pious inhalation! But which thought or image can I pluck, &place in my heart, &seek the reality-of, in this PentecostEucharist?

5. JN20:19-23!

In JN, TheHolyBreath-is-Bestowed on TheDisciples (women included?) on or near EasterSunday! But has TheStoryteller ‘Cooped-TheBreath’, by referring only to ‘sins’?


Why so-much Talk-Of, but so-little Evidence-Of, TheHolyBreath-of-TheChrist?

‘He’s active! but y’ just don’t recognise Him!’

‘We still lack the strong rituals that would channel It!’

‘Members-of-Church don’t need TheBreath, as urgently as ChristDisciples do!’

‘Because TheCharisms-of-Prophecy&Healing are not “politically correct”..’