The Most Holy Trinity Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 30 May 2021 (’00). THE MOST HOLY TRINITY: B

1. DT4:3234, 39-40,

  • Read 4·1-40! One prototype of the ‘hellfire sermon” Fictitiously attributed to Moses!
  • Is ‘keeping Yahweh’sCommandments’ still linked nowadays with Family&Prosperity &Longevity&UndisturbedPossession of the ‘Canaanite’Land? (As in TheNorth!)
  • Who wonders about the persistence of ‘bibbcal’ models&mindsets even in ‘ politics’?
  • But what prospects that IrishChristians will be inculcated in the dangerous skills that will  enable them to critically&ironically embrace TheTotalBible, &yet see-throughit!

2. THE PSALM 32·4-6, 9, 18-20, 22

  • Read 32(33) 1-22! Apart from Flattery of ‘Yahweh’, &biblicalChauvinism, what-else?
  • What is the real value of boasts about being ‘PeoplcOfYahweh’ or ‘TheTrueChurch ?
  • Isn’t this excerpt as a whole reassuring&familiar&undemanding, really?

unless Yahweh’s Slave is expected to EmbodyYahweh! Say, ‘KeepThemAliveinEthiopia’!

3.  ROMS 14-17

  • If these four dense verses are offered out quickly, &typically without ‘expreession’ (not to mention ‘context’ or ’empathy’), what’ll be the net result for anyone there?
  • If ‘TheBreath’ is somehow about being ‘ChildOfGod’, why is ‘Breath/Spirit’ not more

intensively explored&cultivated in myChurch? Not by exhortation’ but by training’!

  • Is it possible (wa-wa !) that church ministers only know&value ‘TalkAboutSpirit’?
  • ‘CoHeirs!’. Whatever about ‘HisGlory’, which one of us would share ‘HisSuffenng’?

4. MT28:16-20

  • In what ways am I happyenuff Just to  ‘worship’ Jesus, &be a ‘devotee’ (limited!)  of His?
  • What about ‘TheHesitaters’ in these final important moments of MT’sTestemony?
  • Can I glimpse f ormyself the 7Aspccts of ‘JesusDiscipleship’ I’ve ‘Hesitations’ about?
  • But does myChurch give Space&Structure to value&explore my’Hesitations’?
  • ‘In TheName!’  If this Triadic’Power’ is denied to disciples, can apathy be avoided?
  • I AM-WithYou!. What if Yahweh is withdisciples! To Encourage&Ordain&Anoint!
  • But Will MakeDisciples’ become paramount? Or the older ‘TeachAllNations’?
  • ‘Cos ‘disciples’ are dangerous&authoritative’ but ‘teaching’ can form ‘zombies’!

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Yes, just as much was hidden in TheHolyofHolies, &much in TheSong-ofSongs, so too was much hidden in the sacred narratives of TheNazarene! Most of this was unperceived by careless piety&pedantry, or dissimulated by vested interests political&ecclesial! Some wiser spitits glimpsed the alien threads in the tapestry, &kept their counsel! though one or two carried their discoveries back, as what was obscurely called heresy! How did His own disciples weigh HisMission & HisGlory, especially after HisTakingAway? The shifts in Bame&Faith&Power! My own deep reservations, rarely if ever suspected even by the others in the leadership! Useless to divulge it, or not to!  Just this, I thought His tendency to shatter the one vessel must be vigorously combatted! which I’ve done, but with what grace indeed?


Which? A remote dogmatic Trinity? Or a dynamic salvific-now-throughme Jesus?

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