The Most Holy Trinity Cycle A 2023 (’08)

Sunday 4 June 2023 (’08) : THE MOST HOLY TRINITY : A

1. EXOD34:4-6, 8-9!

The/Lord! Properly named YAHWEH! Presented as masculine in biblical narratives! TheOne-of-Tenderness&Compassion! But usually depicted by ELOHIM’S Scribes as moody&irrational : to give the impression that ELOHIM is the more attractive…

2. DAN3:52-56!

Isn’t it safer to ‘Bless-YAHWEH’S-Name’, than to untangle Him from the machinations of TheTemple scribes, &thereafter proceed to Incarnate-HisCompassion-for-All…?

3. 2COR13:11-13!

Apart from ‘TheHolyKiss’, I can imagine these phrases falling like a shower of confetti!

But aren’t they also a huge challenge to my local church, ‘What really enthuses us?’…

4. JN3:16-18!

Can I credit that this cut&dried declaration is really ‘Words-of-Jesus’? One way or another, ‘Belief-in-TheSon’ seems central! That is, ‘Base-YourTotal-Life-in-TheChrist’!


What relevance has ‘TheTrinity’ for this 21stCentury?

‘Well, it’s still the infallible doctrine of TheChurch!’

‘Isn’t it used in all TheSacraments?’

‘It’s a hint of the loving intimacy called-for in the local church!’

‘It’s a compromise exposition of TheThreeAncientBiblicalDivinities,

Elohim, Yahweh, &Chokmah!’

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